September 17, 2004

¿Qué Tal? ¿Everyone celebrate “La Independencia?” Pos I think we are suppose to be happy that we won Independence from “Los Españoles.” Some of my cuates wonder when Mejicanos are going to celebrate the Independence from the PRI? Others wonder when we (RAZA-Los Mestizos from Los Españoles) who came to this land called Mejico- Alta sometime after 1492 going to celebrate our INDEPENDENCIA???

Memorias de mi Madre: No olvides M’ijo. Tus antepasados llegaron in what is now called Nuevo Mejico, Teniente José López de la Extramadura, España. Vino con las tropas durante la conquista de los Indios de Albuquerque, Los Isletas. Lo mandaron al sur, a lo que hoy es Texas, a establecer el Fuerte en el Sur de la frontera, to control the Isleta Indians, after they revolted against los Españoles, en lo que hoy es Albuquerque!

Memorias de mi Padre: Tu Abuelo era Indio, se casó con tu abuela que era Mestiza del Norte de Mejico. Era un Peón del Hacendado Muñoz. El es Indio puro. El nombre de sus padres no se sabe. He was sold at the age of four to the Spanish Hacendado... In those days the Peons were given the name of the Hacienda owner.

The Connection: My father was the result of my pure Indian father who was born in the mountains around northern Mexico, who stole my Grandmother and took her to La Isleta to live in the Indian reservation where he was safe from her family.

My other Connection: My mother was the daughter of the descendents of Teniente López who married his Spanish bride from Spain whom he brought to the Americas... Her linage; pure Spaniard. My father was the son of a purebred Indian whom we believe was born in the mountains of Northern Mexico.

Pregunta: What and when do I celebrate my Independence?? And dependence from whom?

Of course, our Late & recent arrivals to the Americas, who mostly came from Europe sometimes have trouble in understanding our GENTE. It’s tough. We don’t understand ourselves because we are so proud of our heritage. And Tezozomoc is just as proud of the contribution by his children who now have extended our heritage to the Germanic, French, Dutch, and English and of course to my RAZA branch...

Viva La Independencia...Wherever that may be!

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