September 16, 2005

Tezozomoc has made the big time! You know you are big time when the Tezozomoc logo is requested so it can be transformed into a tattoo. A local homeboy is now walking around San Diego with Tezozomoc tattooed on his leg!

File this under things you wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for Tezzy: A provision tacked onto an appropriations bill late last year by Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va., requires Federally Funded Educational Institutions — Elementary schools and Universities alike — to observe the first-ever Constitution Day, today Sept. 16th. Byrd, a history buff, sought to focus attention on a little known date in American history — Sept. 17, 1787, the day the Constitution was signed. People like the Minutemen who are trying to take away our Rights under their “Patriot Act” need to read our Constitution. They just may be surprised!

Mayoral candidate Jerry Sanders says he will ask the 300 city employees, city mangers, directors, city staff, etc., mostly mid-managers to resign. Hey Jerry, it is not the working stiffs who are screwing up the city, it is the politically elected Burrocrats and the controlling Republican Corporate Oligarchies that have bankrupt our City! If you want to clean house start out with all those folks living in Rancho Santa Fe!

On Friday 9/2, Jim Gilchrist — founder of the Minuteman Project — told a group of supporters in Ontario, California, that he has decided to run for Congress in California’s 48th District. Orale Vato, that’s pretty far from La Frontera! What’s going to be your campaign line? Run all the illegals out of Ontario?

Hurricane Katrina hits land, wipes out the Gulf Coast and almost immediately gas and energy prices go up. The President wastes no time in suspending the “Davis-Bacon Act” which requires that Contractors, (You know the same ones that are ripping off in Iraq) who receive federal dollars, pay prevailing wages and benefits in the Gulf Coast. So pay goes down, and those Black workers, who are the work force, will now take a huge cut in pay and be forced to pay 10 times what they use for food etc! How is this supposed to help the recovery of the area? The only ones this helps are the contractors who can now pocket more profit!

National City Middle School Principal was removed from her position last month. Gossips among those in a position to know have informed El Jefito that monies and supplies have been misused. School investigators nosing around the Principals garage found it filled with school supplies. Guess she was storing them there so they wouldn’t get stolen???. The bigger question is: Where is the Sweetwater School District Board on this lack of accountability? Not another computer scandal is it?

Hijole, there sure is a big difference in Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations in San Diego versus Los Angeles. In Los Angeles there are art shows, concerts, food extravaganzas, more than 100,000 people are expected at the Mexican Independence Celebration at El Pueblo de Los Angeles. Olvera Street will be packed with visitors, and thousand are expected as the Los Angeles commemorates Mexican Independence Day with a historical reenactment of “El Grito” at City Hall. There will be a parade where they expect 200,000 people. In San Diego, the Mexican Consulate gave the Grito on the 15th, that and a few small events comprises the San Diego experience in regards to Fiestas Patrias and Hispanic Heritage Month. (It pays to have a Chicano as Mayor!)

SURPRISE! The local “Onion” discovers that the Muirlands Junior High in La Jolla received $739,000 increase in teacher’s salaries as a payoff from the State, for their students receiving impressive Test Scores. Wilson Middle School, in City Heights, with lower marks on the same State Exams, got peanuts. Why you ask? Muirlands Jr. High is in the High Rent District and there are few minorities in attendance. The best teachers in the District prefer working in La Jolla. The most inexperience is sent to all the Barrio Schools. So pray do tell where is the justice in the San Diego Unified School System? Why do we even have a School District Board?

Bueno “¡Que Viva México!”

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