September 15, 2000

Showtime Selects Winner of Its First Annual "Latino Filmmakers Showcase" Program

Showtime has selected Matt Casado as the $30,000 prize winner of its annual "Latino Filmmakers Showcase" program. The Latino Filmmakers Showcase, a SiTV Production with Jeff Valdez as Executive Director, is modeled after Showtime's popular Black Filmmakers Showcase. This annual event is designed to support up-and-coming Latino filmmakers. The $30,000 will be used towards the production of a short film which will have its exclusive world premiere on Showtime.

Casado's short film, entitled "Honest Injun," will debut on Showtime on September 18 during Hispanic Heritage Month. It will be the centerpiece program for the net-work's first Latino Filmmakers Showcase. In addition to Casado's film, the three finalist films from the program will also premiere.

"Honest Injun" was selected at the winner by a blue ribbon panel comprised of director Gregory Nava, actor/director Edward James Olmos, actor Nestor Carbonell, actor/director Stanford Brown, producer David Valdes and producer Moctesuma Esparza. Showtime Networks' Pancho Mansfield, Senior Vice President, Development, Original Programming, serves as Show-time's creative executive for the Latino Filmmaker Showcase.

All four short films will air back-to-back on Showtime during the Latino Filmmakers Showcase on Monday, September 18 at 8:00 PM (ET/PT). The block will conclude with the award winning film "Honest Injun." The entire block will then repeat on Tuesday, September 26 at 11:00 PM (ET/PT). All four shorts will also run individually throughout Hispanic Heritage Month.

"New Suits" - This film was directed by Regina Don Rodman from a script by Paul Silva. Produced by Mary Alice Drumm, this film is about a visit to a suit shop which become a trip into a family's life story as a father and son deal with old memories and new hopes. It's a story not only about fathers and sons but also about the immigrant experience and cultural conflicts.

"The Hot Room" - Written and directed by Guillerminda Zabala and produced by Josie Garcia, the film takes place during a hot summer night when a young couple spend the night together. As the silence continues, their feelings for each other become clear.

"Taino" - This film was written and directed by Edwin Figueroa. Figueroa also serves as producer alongside Judy Reyes. The film's hero and a boy meet at an art gallery and connect through the legend of the Caciqua, a Taino warrior who was challenged to stay free and save his people as they were being enslaved. The legend inspires the boy.

"Hones Injun" (winner) - Written and directed by Matt Casado, this dark comedy was produced by Vaughan Garland. A bank robbery is almost over when shots suddenly ring out and a teller lies dead. After taking a hostage and locking her in the trunk of a car, three stick-up men hide out in a rundown Mexican restaurant and wait for their boss to come and take them to a safe place.

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