September 15, 2000

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico

Regarding the Brouhaha over City Council Pension Increases

Let's be more compassionate. These folks have a serious addiction. They need our help, not ridicule.

It is mean spirited & cold hearted to complain about the mayor & city council's pension increase scheme. After all this is their last chance to grab the money & run...

Thanks partly to Tax Fighters' opposition to their other tax & bond schemes, they have aged beyond their years. Look at them, they're old, tired & washed up from years at the trough... Most aren't smart enough to hold down a job at McDs... Who'd trust any of them close to the cash drawer? What do you want them to do - go on welfare? They sure aren't energetic enough to collect cans for a living...

When you see poor disgraced Suzy, weighing less than 140 pounds, standing on an on-ramp with a sign saying, "Mayoral Veteran - Please Help" then you'll feel really sorry, won't you? Will you give her a granola bar? I will. Just don't let her see a credit card...

City council members should have one more expensive perk of office, which would pay for itself in savings. Therapy for Tax Addiction should be covered by their medical plans, since it seems to be a hazard of office... In the case of the current council & mayor, a 12-step program (which we could provide for less than the interest on the ballpark bonds), might have prolonged their political lives & led to higher office, rather than public disgrace...

All they are asking for is a subsistence dose of the taxes they've become so addicted to spending. For speedy spenders like these, after a dizzying spree of whooping it up on the "full faith & credit of the City of San Diego," $20-30,000 a year won't even cop `em a buzz...

JR Graham
San Diego


Let's Talk About Issues

Never before has the media been so critical of the presentation of the political scene. Never before have they had so much to criticize! The blatant lack of passion for any issue among the two controlling parties has led us to believe that it is all show and now action. This leads us down a slippery slope to indifference and apathy. Is it any wonder the average voter is numb to the issues unless they are super charged with major mud slinging and sex scandals? The only presidential candidate with any real convictions is Ralph Nader and without getting into the debates the general public will never hear what he has to say unless they read newspapers like La Prensa with the courage to cover more than their advertiser's candidates.

I say, let's start talking again. Not with the politicians, but with our neighbors. Let's start talking about the issues that really effect our lives and then move forward to making the changes we need in order to have a better life here — one that is sustainable for generations to come.

Michele Delehanty
Chula Vista


La Prensa on the Education Web

You may be interested that La Prensa articles on education were featured in the Education News website (

Barb Vickroy

Thanks for Printing "Colombia's Forgotten Victims"

I would like to thank La Prensa for printing the article entitled "Colombia's Forgotten Victims—Those Hurt Most Difficult to See." I have never seen such an in-depth article either in a newspaper or on network television.

Lalo Alcaraz's comic about George W. Bush was hilarious. Thanks for the laughs.

Per "Prop 38 Pros & Cons": To the best of my knowledge, the supporters and opposers La Prensa listed were reversed. Historically, Republicans—including Bruce McPherson—have supported school vouchers while Democrats—including the governor and lieutenant governor—have opposed school vouchers.

David Davenport
The Transit Times


The Chicano Federation and Picket Lines

La Prensa is 100% correct about the fact that the Chicano Federation shouldn't cross the picket line. We need our community leadership to take a stand with the people they serve!

Virgil Peña
Chula Vista


The Debate Debate

Each of the two major party candidates is stonewalling over the timing and formats for the debates. Each side maneuvering to get the conditions most favorable to him.Why are they stonewalling? Because they can! Because if either candidates doesn't show up, no debate can be held. As long as the Presidential Debate Commission refuses to invite third party candidates to the debate each of the two major candidates can do as they please. Not so if three or more candidates were invited.

Presently, there are three candidates for President who are likely to be on the ballot in all 50 states; Governor Bush, Vice-President Gore, and Libertarian Harry Browne. Nader and Buchanan don't have 50 state ballot status, but will still be to the ballot on enough states to theoretically get an electoral collage win. If Harry Browne, Nader and Buchanan were also invited to participate in the debates the squabbling between the two major candidates would and immediately since they'd no longer be able to stonewall. If they did, the debates would simply proceed without them.

It's time the Debate Commission holds the candidates accountable, rather than the other way around.

It's time for the Debate Commission to invite qualified third party candidates so we can get on with it!

Edward M. Teyssier
San Diego.


Tax and spend politicans at it again

After nearly going through with a $50,000(+) bash for 250 friends of the Santee City Council at taxpayer expense, I am amazed they have the gall to attempt to raise the motel tax (Proposition U). Our Santee visitors shouldn't be saddled with taxes for frivolous spending any more than the rest of us.

The tax-and-spend politicians are hoping we support this tax, since nonresidents pay it. They espect us to ignore the burden on the Santee Business owners that are in the hotel/motel business and the unfairness of taxing those who cannot event vote in our elections. Indeed, higher Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT) are a strong incentive for visitor to take their business elsewhere.

The politicians' foolish argument that visitors don't pay enough doesn't hold water.

Visitors pay sales taxes, motels pay taxes, there is already a 6% TOT and some of Santee's Federal & State grants come from nonresident taxpayers. Comparing our TOT to other cities is like a spoiled child saying: "The others are doing something wrong, so I can too!"

The Santee City Council should be finding ways to CUT taxes, not raise them. I'm voting No on Proposition U.

Steve Green


Frisco Media Doesn't Cover Southern California

I am a Chicago resident of San Francisco, Ca. The local media does not cover Southern California really at all. For us up north, there is no police scandal in LA, no skinheads in San Diego. These things don't exist because nobody up here knows about them.

I heard on PBS today about the skinheads being prosecuted as adults for attacking elderly migrants, shooting them with pellet guns. In looking for the story in you paper, I also came accross a story about a migrant being dragged to death in the same part of San Diego County.

But I found no follow-up stories, about the dragging death or the skinhead bashers who I understand are being prosecuted as adults, much to the consternation of the white residents of the County.

I don't think I am alone as a Chicano interested in my community in San Diego, especially in racism directed against them. I would ask that if you have followed up on these stories, and maybe others like them, that you publish them on your web page for others outside the county for people like me that have a vital interest in the well being of our community.

Alberto Saldamando
San Francisco

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