September 13, 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks

Que vida loca! Que pasa con Phil Lopez, a part time instructor, and a loose cannon from the SCEA Teachers UNION? This guy has the nerve to question Dr, Zasueta’s salary who puts in 10-12 hours daily, working for the betterment of the students. Meanwhile el maestro Lopez, only teaches 3 hours per week (His class: Career and Life) and is paid $75,676 in base salary plus $5,200 in Health Welfare benefits, in addition to $2,000 in retirement contributions. This adds up to $82,876 dollars that Southwestern College pays him per year! Not bad for a guy with only a masters degree and who hasn’t attended a college in the last 15 years!

The more they get the more they want. Poor Señor Lopez. He feels so poor that last year he used STUDENTS from the college to build a fence at his private home. Y como siempre, he didn’t pay them a cent and used supplies from the college! What did you teach your students about character with this little boondoggle?

Unions are sometimes good and sometimes not so good. Case in point is the Southwestern College Education Association (SCEA), which is affiliated with CTA/NEA. Phil Lopez used to be its President, then a movida got him out and a Black Instructor, Terry Davis, from the Athletic Department took over. Then another movida, with the help of Lopez occurred which brought in Corine Soto. The plot thickens; Soto became Lopez’s close, close friend. Lopez becomes the Grievance Committee Chair and Chief Negotiator for the Union…Lopez launches an attack to discredit Dr. Sazueta in efforts to win concessions for the Union And continues for other more insidious reasons.

Corine Soto gets a 70% release time to do alleged UNION STUFF. Soto also is paid $84,468 dollars a year. The college gets three (3) instructional hours a week for their money. Soto, on the side, had a patio deck and stairs built on her patio by students from the school Horticulture class. What lessons did you give the students Madam Union President?

PREGUNTA: Board Trustee David Agosto and Board Chairwoman Terri Valladolid don’t you have more serious things to investigate than the trumped up allegations that have proven to be totally without merit?

Why (porque) should nuestra gente vote to return Ralph Inzunza to his District 8 Seat on the San Diego Council? Pues gente that’s why you have Tezozomoc to remind you.

1-He sided against La Gente en San Ysidro to be able to use their money allocated to them to build their library on their side of town. Instead he pushed to have the library built in La Plaza de Las Americas, way over on the West side. In fact giving their library to a millionaire Mall builder who is going to have it placed on the second floor of one of the stores in the mall. Isn’t that nice. Assemblyman Juan Vargas, Andres Skorepa, and the San Diego City Council who agreed to the wholesale theft of these funds joined Inzunsa in this rape of our gente.

2. Ralph Inzunza, though claiming to be a Catholic is a strong supporter of ABORTION, GAY RIGHTS, LESBIAN RIGHTS, BISEXUAL RIGHTS everything but CHICANO AND RAZA RIGHTS! Ralph Inzunza also voted to drive the Boy Scouts out of Balboa Park. As the election cycle continues Tezzy will have more and more reasons why we should get rid of this cancer from our communities.

Our Speaker Pro-tem-designate Christian Kehoe (D) is refusing to use the phrase “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. She goes to further though. She is censoring other speakers who are asked to say the pledge of Allegiance before the members of the Assembly by flicking off the microphones thereby censoring what they can or cannot hear. Is this another Gay Right? Can they deny us our freedom of speech and our right to hear what ever we want???????

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