September 13, 2002


Reflection on Sept. 11, 2002

The deliberate crashing of two passenger airliners into the top floors of the World Trade Center Twin Towers was a traumatic event for millions of Americans, who saw the event unfold before their eyes on Sept.11, 2001. The instant and constant re-showing of the deadly incident re-traumatized them.

The spectacular crash had within it all the elements that a television station most desires: action, carnage, fear, and excitement. It was television’s moment of glory to catch so quickly the terrorist crashing into the buildings. The general public viewing the carnage, on their television screens, hour after hour on every station in the United States had a profund impact.

The general public had been aroused to go to war to punish whole countries, if need be, over the deaths of nearly 3,000 unfortunates who were trapped within the Twin Towers. Without a doubt, we all grieve and feel greatly for the families of those who died because of the cruel murderous actions of a few zealots. Yet, nothing will ever bring back those who perished in the furious burning on 9/11.

One has to question whether 3,000 deaths is the threshold to label a race of people as terrorist that should be destroyed? If so, it would appear that we, Americans that incinerated hundreds of thousands of Japanese citizens in the holocaust of an atomic bomb attack are the world’s prime candidates for being the worst terrorist in the history of mankind. We dropped the atomic bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Who are the biggest threats for the survival of mankind? Is it we, the bearers of the worst conflagrations in the history of mankind, murderers of innocent children, mothers civilian non-combatants or are is it a few bearded religious zealots who commit hare Kari and destroy themselves and their victims in a frenzy of religious zealotry? Are we scapegoating on a few zealots labeling them terrorist in hopes the world will forget our murderous actions in the late 40’s?

We have to ponder whether the American public is not being manipulated in order to solve a deeper problem in our country?

Are the political leaders and the corporate moguls seeking an excuse to war on our weaker neighbors because they fear a complete collapse of our capitalistic system?

Wars have always been a handy way to lift a country out of economic or mental depression (WWII), of carrying out Imperialistic designs on other nations (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico), or resolve serious internal political problems (Civil War, War for Independence). In all, propaganda has been the principal tool to manipulate the people. With most types and forms of communications in this country being under the control of a small group of individuals the question has to be raised are we once again being manipulated? And if so, for what purpose are we being led to mourn the deaths of September 11, 2001? Is it to condition our attitudes to accept the slaughter of innocents of the backward countries of the world?

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