September 13, 2002

Memorandum of Accusations against Superintendent President Serafin Zasueta

Jim Bachman, President Chapter 524 CSEA at Southwestern College on the 2nd of September 2002, made the following comments.

“In response to numerous inquires I have received regarding accusations of impropriety by the Superintendent President…On August 29, 2002, I met with Dr. Zasueta to discuss these issues. I was pleased with the openness with which Dr. Zasueta received my questions. I was able to discuss these matters with him at length in order to get a clear understanding of his position….I informed Dr. Zasueta that we (the membership) would like these issues delt through the process of full disclosure. Dr. Zasueta informed me that he would be happy to supply me with any information and supporting documentation that would demonstrate no wrongdoing on his part. . . .

(Dr, Sazueta provided Mr. Bachman the same report that he was preparing for the Board of Trustees. Mr. Bachman received it on Sept. 4, 2002). Attached are the crucial elements in that report:

Item 1. Dr. Zasueta’s compensation package: On page 4 of Dr Zasueta’s memorandum his total compensation is stated to be $176, 399. The difference between this number and the $253,850 dollar amount on the flyer that was distributed to SCEA is the $50,000 annual Split Life Police Premium. This premium should not have been included in his compensation because the full amount of the District’s contribution to that plan is reimbursed in full to the District upon Dr. Zasueta’s death. . . .

Item 2. In response to the accusation that the Governing Board was misled at the time of approving the compensation package and terms of the Split Life Plan, I m attaching a copy of the Board minutes and the agreement that was presented to the Board in closed session at the time of passage. All dollar amounts, terms, and conditions were specified.

Item 3. In response to the charge that the Superintendent received merchandise from the Bookstore, with implication that he did not pay for the merchandise. I was provided copies of all the invoices, statements, and requisitions relating to activities of the Superintendent. A review of this documentation indicates that these purchases were duly authorized by the Governing Board in an account that is reserved for the Superintendent. The purpose of this account is to promote the College and Bookstore. A review of the items purchased reveals that the types of items purchased would serve this purpose.

I am aware that other accusations against the Superintendent relating to use of the College vehicles and intimidation of n employee are in process of being investigated. I have discussed these allegations with Dr. Zasueta. He has assured me that upon completion of the investigation, he will provide me a summary of the findings…I would encourage all interested parties to keep an open mind while weighing the validity of the charges and counter charges you will be exposed to in this election year….

(Bold lettering added by La Prensa San Diego. The Law Firm of Liebert, Cassidy, and Whitemore, that was hired by the Board of Trustees, investigated the issue of his misusing public property. On April 5, 2002. The investigator for the law Firm , Irma Rodriguez Mois, found no guilt in the Superintended. See La Prensa San Diego of Sept. 6, 2002 editorial: “Southwestern College Saga Continues”).

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