September 13, 2002

Fiesta del Barrio Carlsbad

A Celebration of the History and Culture of Barrio Carlsbad

In the early 1900’s, Mexican pioneers came to Carlsbad to start a new life. They created their own neighborhood, Barrio Carlsbad. Barrio is the beautiful Spanish word meaning “neighborhood.” The pioneers of this neighborhood and their descendants have made considerable contributions to Carlsbad’s commercial and cultural growth. Descendants of these pioneers still live and work in the area on properties that have remained in the same families for generations.

Aztec performers at last year's fiesta.

In honor of these pioneers and their descendants. El Abrazo, the traditional Mexican embrace of welcome and recognition, will be repeated at the second Fiesta Del Barrio Carlsbad on Sunday, September 15, 2002. Fiesta del Barrio Carlsbad-2000 will celebrate the rich history and culture of Barrio Carlsbad and honor citizens who continue to promote the character and historical value of the area. The Fiesta will also celebrate Mexico’s National Independance Day which signifies freedom from Spanish rule on September 16, 1821.

Fiesta Del Barrio Carlsbad-2000 will take the form of a street fair at the corner of Roosevelt and Walnut with vendors presenting their goods from stands set up in the street. There will be clowns and arts & crafts booths. The Fiesta will mix in delicious traditional Mexican food such as enchiladas, burritos, and tamales with live entertainment. The entertainment will include live Mexican music provided by bands, DJ. dancers, Mariachis, singers, and more! Across the street from Lola’s Market and Deli, the mini-museum will once again be filled with photos of the original pioneers, historical exhibitions, and video taped interviews of early pioneer Barrio residents.

Fiesta del Barrio Carlsbad will provide visitors with an opportunity to meet many residents of the Barrio Carlsbad area and a chance to observe the rich ethnic culture and multi-talents of its Mexican-American citizens. Plan to join the many caring citizens promoting the historical value of this very special area-our very own “Barrio Carlsbad.”

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