September 12, 2003

Orale: ol Cruz Bustamante got tired of carrying the Gov’s water and decided it was time to drop him. Cruz no longer asking you to vote no on the recall. Hell, he sees this as his best and last chance to become the big chingón!! If Cruz loses this fight, Davis will see that not only will his parking spot be moved, but his office may end up in the basement. It is all, or nothing.

Gov Davis making appoints by the bushel as if these are his last days. Notably he appointed Dolores Huerta as a member of the Regents of The University of California. That should make for good converstation between fellow regent John Moores (Padre’s owner and supporter of Ward Connerly of Prop 54 fame).

Este appointment a bit confounding. Al Ducheny was appointed to the Commissions of the Californias. The commissions is supposed to promote trade with Baja. I don’t think hanging out in Tijuana makes Ducheny an expert in this area. Boy, sure is nice to have a wife who takes care of you. Pues Gov. you did know that Al is working hard to see that Bustamante is the next governor!!!

Los vatos en el barrio taking bets as to who turns over first in the Cheeta scandle. Now that the Vegas type have plead guilty all eyes are on Inzunza, Lewis, and Zucchett. Right now they are sticking to the script, but sooner or later one of them is going to crack and finger the other. Este Indio’s pesos are on Zucchett. There is an old saying: you play with fire chances are you’ll get burnt. The Vegas types are showing the novice concilmembers how the big boys play, they cop out early for lighter sentences and watch the others squirm!

Looks like the honeymoon is over in Sidro school district between the superintendent Parra and the school board. Something over bonus money due Parra and a STRS investigation. The smoke signals say the board would like to fire him but can’t. It would look like retaliation, besides they just fired the last one less than a year ago.

Gov. Davis fudges a bit on the budget deficit and is facing a recall election. Pres. Bush lies about going to war, thousands are killed, a country ruined, and the taxpayers are told it is going to cost billions, upon billions more than expected, on top of the billions already spent and the Republicans can’t praise him enough??? Something wrong with this picture? The rest of the country starting to wake up, the big boys in the media aka the New York Times are seriously questioning the Bush administration and worm is finally starting to turn. When you tell a lie you have to keep on lying!

Hasta la vista, chao!

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