September 12, 2003

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Two kids in a motorhome; if this was Saber Springs it would have been kidnapping!

Is this for real? I can’t believe no charges were filed aginst a man who took 2 children in Barrio Logan without permission from their mother! That sounds like a kidnapping to me! Is it because the 2 boys have brown hair, brown eyes, and brown skin? Would charges had been filed if these boys had golden curly locks of hair?

I wonder if this would be allowed to happen in Saber Springs or in other so called upperclass neighborhoods. Even after many neighbors have stated they have seen this man bring in many other children into his motor home constantly. Why would a grown man be spending so much time with kids in a motor home with the doors shut and curtains tightly closed? This is not normal and I can’t believe the DA office is closing its eyes to this.

I quote, “charges were not filed because there was no force, coercion or duress against the boys.” Give me a break! Talk to any convicted child molester and they will tell you it’s very easy to gain the trust of their young victims by being friendly and nice and in this situation.

These boys were taken before 10 am on Sunday and were found several hours later in a motor home with this man with the door shut and curtains closed and the DA is trying to convince my community that this is just a normal occurance. Everything is okay; these 2 little brown boys are back at home and its totally normal for a 27 year old man to be entertaining small kids in his motor home. I grew up in Barrio Logan and I am outraged at how lightly this kidnapping is being handled! My people, come on wake up! Ask more questions! Don’t let this go so easy!

Bevelyn Bravo
Barrio Logan

Inzunza losing Raza support

Pues what can we say. What goes around comes around. When you stop working for your Raza you’re lost. If I recalled, when Jess Haro had problems La Raza was there for him. When Uvaldo Martinez had problems some Raza were there for him. Now it seems like no Raza is there for Ralphie Jr. At least not whom I consider to be Raza. Raza is not some Hispunic Puppet for special interest over Raza interest, some dude (this is no Vato) who is supported by “past” Chicano Leaders who have abandoned their own ideals and now have their own interest over Raza interest. Even if the dude wins in court he has lost on the courts of Barrio Support and so have all those “past” Chicano leaders alongside him.

Que Viva the Commitee on Chicano Rights!

Eddie Perez
Via email

Not happy with Democrats and immigrants driving

I often wonder which political party is more corrupt. But Democrats in the state capitol have just erased the previous mark set by the Bush Administration’s energy policy. By straight party-line vote they approved giving driver’s licenses to 2 million illegal immigrants in California.

Never mind that the IRS, the FBI, and the DMV testified about the risks of such legislation. Never mind that Gray Davis himself twice vetoed the bill. And never mind that feeble security features in the original bill were removed for the sake of economy, the Democrats approved it anyway, sacrificing the welfare and safety of millions of Californians to their party’s political ambitions.

Of course, they never would have gotten the chance if it hadn’t been for the federal government’s own failure to enforce immigration laws, a failure with bipartisan support in Congress.

This legislation only compounds crimes committed in our name at the federal level. As our state continues to struggle with the social and fiscal costs of illegal immigration, we owe it to ourselves to remember that it was Christine Kehoe, Juan Vargas, Denise Ducheny, and Dede Alpert who betrayed us by making that struggle not only more difficult, but also more dangerous.

Doug Bell
San Diego

Bush’s terrorism policy questioned

I have to take issue with the initial premise presented by President Bush in his address on Sunday, September 8.  He stated that the best/only/most effective way to suppress terrorism in the world is to CRUSH it. That is ludicrous from many points of view. As the most obvious example of this idiocy - let us review IF Osama has been found. In the war we inflicted on Iraq, we had our “best and brightest” plan the attack, from the moment George W. Bush, and Cheney became the US President and Vice President. And, we have been unsuccess-ful. That demonstrates that at crushing - we are inept. So, let’s try another tactic. How about feeding hungry people, housing the homeless, educating the uneducated and repairing the devastation done to the country?  The best way to fight terrorism is to eradicate the horrific living conditions that exist for millions of people in the poorest nations in the world - where the people -terrorists or not- feel they have nothing to lose by fighting to the death. 

Why is Bush wanting $66 billion for military spending - and just $21 billion to restore Iraq? He has inverted his figures and missed the point that terrorism is rooted in abject poverty. The guns are the symptom of the bigger picture. Is there any hope that he will get the message?

Laura Kohl
San Marcos

Does the U.S. have a ligitimate reason for war? Yes, probably. Are we going about it in the right way? Who’s to say what the “right” way is? What I can say is that I have seen what Iraq was like after they called the dogs off during 1991, and the innocents that paid the price of Bush Sr.’s arrogance. I have a theory based on “do it right the first time”, “measure twice, cut once”, and if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it right”. I don’t see the common sense of that theory in the current administration.

How many sons are still fighting the same war as their fathers? One is too many.

When will America finally get a President that is truly “of the people and for the people”? When campaign contributions are cut off, I believe.

James D. Irwin
Via email

Go back to El Salvador

I am not a citizen of the United States, so I can’t vote. It’s frustrating to have lived in San Jose for more than 14 years, and yet I can’t play my part in electing the officials who affect my community. (“To Young People Like Me, This Recall Is Real.” By Hector Gonzales. Published Sept. 5, 2003)

My great-grandparents brought their children to the U.S. legally during the mid- 1800’s.  They didn’t go on welfare, they didn’t get school loans, they didn’t get anything for free.  They worked hard to make a life for their children. They didn’t break this country’s immigration laws by slithering under some fence or in the back of some truck. By respecting this country’s laws, they were treated with the dignity that they deserved. Citizenship in the United States of America is not a right unless you are born is a privilege that you must earn.

If you want to vote, then go back to El Salvador where you are legal and vote all you want. If you want to become an American citizen then go back to El Salvador and wait your turn!

Joy Miller
Via Email

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