September 10, 2004

Vuti- did you know the Olmeca Culture started in Mexico around 300BC? That’s around the birth of Buddha who came to earth sometime around 563 B.C. You ever wonder why the Olmec stone heads look like Chinese?

In case you have tiempo come and join the LULAC’ERS for their “Christmas in October Annual Toy Fundraiser”! You have lots of tiempo to –plan. It doesn’t happen until Oct. 17 (Sunday). Una “Tardeada” a las Tres P.M. –7:00 P.M. Call Bea Estrada, the heavy pusher for Raza Kids 619-423-5014. Cinco Pesos and an unwrapped toy gets you in to la Pachanga with “Bobby Gonzales”..Come and “Chanclear!

Hijole Rachel how come you didn’t offer Tezzy the Barrio Station Ranch near Barrett Junction??? Swimming pool would be a todo dar with this calor! Seems like KFMB didn’t take kindly to you selling the property. Is it because it didn’t belong to you? Hijole, with City going bankrupt, you can at least turn the profits over to your Amigo the Mayor...He needs big pesos prontito!

Charger season about to get underway and do you think anyone in San Diego cares. Not one single home game televised during the pre-season. At least the Chargers won’t be the worst team in football, that will be the San Francisco 49ers – that is one bad team.

SDSU Aztecs looked like the good ol teams of the Don Coryell era, but what was up with the throw-back era uni’s those were ugly. The Aztecs had three scores in the first five minutes, then they kinda cruised the rest of the game. Of course they did this against an AA school, they like that against Michigan next week.....

El Gabacho Dick Cheney (Our so call Republican Vice President) thinks it a minor thing that over 1,000 of our troops were slaughtered in Iraq! Easy for him to say. He and his fellow draft dodger, Pres. G.W. Bush, aren’t worried. Their children will never see a day in the desert sands of Iraq. They know all the tricks to avoid/avert military service. When you belong to the privileged class. YOU NEVER HAVE TO DO ANY Of THE HEAVY LIFTING. They leave that to the Mexicans, the Blacks, the Asians & Filipinos & the POOR WHITES! Chale con estos cabrones!

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