September 10, 2004


Black/Chicano Politicians Ape Mexican Politicos

In a strange switch from the normal Black/Chicano political tactics, some pseudo African American Blacks and Mexican Americans are attempting to use political tactics more akin to the way politics are played in Tijuana! It has been startling to hear so-called “leaders”, from the Black and Mexican American Community, in the manner of the Mexican PRI’istas, attempt to dictate who or whom can and will be a candidate to replace the recently deceased, Fourth District City Councilman, Charles Lewis! Either, old age or senility has overcome Mr. George Stevens (among others, such as Luis Natividad) or they are in a state of denial. To demand control of the normal electoral process and attempt to limit who can or cannot run for the vacant seat and what color he must be, is ludicrous.

It’s so PRI’ista to publicly state THAT A “DEAL” HAS BEEN MADE, between the Mexican American community and the Black Community, that no other candidate but a Black will run for the District Four Seat and that no Blacks will run for District Eight (where supposedly only a Mexican American can run)! Mr. Stevens must have been high on watermelon seeds to even suggest that such a perversion of our character could ever be made. Mr. Nativadad is well aware that Honor and Respect for who we are would make it impossible to stoop to that level. Chicanos, Mexican American and/or Latinos find it insulting to even suggest that we would lower ourselves to that level by Mr. Natividad and his playmates. We don’ need no Kingfish or defrocked PRI’ista to tell us what we can and cannot do in an election. We have our State, City, and Federal laws to guide us.

Let the election for the Fourth Council District Seat go forth. However many potential candidates who are residents of the 4th District, regardless of color or party affiliation, who is qualified under the laws of our State and City, put your name in motion and go see the only people who matter...The VOTER OF THE 4TH COUNCIL DISTRICT. Good Luck!

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