September 10, 2004

3 yrs later

By Geneva Gamez

Planes crashing, skyscrapers falling, bodies missing, people desperate; flights cancelled, 24hr news re-caps on every channel, front-page headlines; a cry out loud, a peoples confused, a country in tears. A sun-filled gloomy Tuesday turned Black.

These were the series of events that turned people’s cries into rhetorical silent echoes across the nation; and turned us into the angry, vicious eagle filing its nails in wait for the attack back, and the very same that immediately turned us to God for protection, and kept us from road-rage for a day or two as we condescended way to our fellow citizen who would have on any given day cut us off as we practiced freedom of expression with the finger while they went by. Unity was so prevalent for about two days, then we fell back to our grieving nature, the very same that may have planted us on the ground we were stepping on.

“Pocket This” 36" x 48" canvas mixed media by Geneva Gamez. The dirt on the upper left hand corner is plastered atop red acrylic, representative of the lives lost three years ago, now buried. The army material pockets on the lower right hand side with red acrylic splashed beneath and atop represents the blood that has been shed and continues to drip to date in the name of Freedom. The tree skins going vertical and horizontally on the sides of the canvas represent the ground that’s been planted -the seed that we breed. Pocket This is proclaiming a change for the opposite, the mixed media shown on the canvas in representation of blood, death, and suffering: warfare should be pocketed, sealed, and put away.

In retrospect, three years later since 9-11, things don’t seem to have changed much. The world has caught on to a thing or two, but comprehended none. The pace to punish those in their wrongdoing has accelerated yet our focus deviated. Three years later, people continue to die and I can’t help but often wonder, why? I can’t phantom the thought of feeding into the negligence of suffering and abuse for a cause long lost.

We seek the guilty yet fail to keep away from guilt. In the very attempt to punish, innocent die and fall victims of what is supposed to be saved, the people. In the very attempt to protect our people, we call for their death as they’re sent off to war. Three years later, I must ask: why are we still fighting, has war grown to be chronic and something that we can comfortably live with?

It seems that way. Voices against war don’t yet seem to be strong enough to cause a change, because three years later, we’re still at a blank.

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