September 8, 2000


Raza Si! CHICANO FEDERATION—NO! How low can you go??? What passes for leadership at the Chicano? Federation? It is having their Dinner Dance at the Del Coronado Hotel this weekend. Chicano workers are on strike at the hotel because they pay them Peon wages! Chicano Federation doesn't care. They are crossing the picket lines! How many of you that bought tickets are going to betray your gente? This is a betrayal of our gente of the worse kind! El Jefito is asking the Union to give La Prensa the names of all the sellouts that cross the picket line. We will be happy to expose them and the leadership!


Ya, it starts! La Bronca política. Believe only 20 percent of what you see on the boob- tube and hardly anything you hear on San Diego Radio stations (all controlled by Right-Wing Bocas Grandes). Ignore the U.T. completely (the official mouth of the Republican Party. Save reading time and vote straight Republican ticket and they will be happy). Ignore 99% of what you get in the Junk mail, and pray that you just might get some straight political info from your local Chicano leaders, your Barber or local Cantina bar- keep. It's just as good!


Prop 38 is a good one where the big lie is out on the streets. Lots of moola being spent there. You really think it's all about kids that the NO ON PROP 38 cares about? Use your cabeza gente.


CTA, the heavy handed Teachers Union, is scared stiff over vouchers. Not that they give a cacahuate about Chicanitos getting an education. Its el dinero and power! If vouchers come in, $4,000 for every child that goes to private schools will mean less for them in teacher's dues, because they will need less teachers in the public schools. Many of them will go to the private schools just to get out of the control of their Union Bosses. That means less members for CTA, less dues money, less influence with the state politicos, less non-producing teachers working in the union offices. If THEY really cared about our children tHE cta would have been in the forefront of the move to change the lousy situation that we have had to live with for the past 100 years in public schools!

(More later on why the School house builders hate vouchers).


Don't get hot and bothered over Bush, all of a sudden, being high on the polls. Es puro toro popo! Day before Labor Day the Field poll, which is the only true poll, showed Gore at 13 points above Bush. The Reppies panic. History shows for the last 100 years that the candidate who has a good lead in the polls on Labor Day has always won the Presidency! Suddenly, paid-for-polls, begin coming out showing Bush ahead of Gore! Surprise, surprise! Big Republican bucks went into this. The Republican rank and file was worried. Don't worry gente the only poll that matters is on Election Day… One way or another the best man will win!


Pos ahí los watcho, got to go snoop around.

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