September 8, 2000

Bullfight World...
by Lyn Sherwood

All Three Matadores Leave On Shoulders

Spanish Matador Antonio Barrera, who has been the salvation of the Tijuana bullfight season, turned in another great afternoon, last Sunday, cutting three ears and just missing a tail.

Alternating with Fernando Ochoa and Javier Gutierrez "El Cachorro," Barrera deserved two ears for his first performance, but was granted only one, which he discarded in protest, according to correspondent Gerry Campos, who did not identify the name of the breeding ranch. He turned in another stelar performance with his second bull and won two ears. He took two vueltas, one with the ganadero.

Fernando Ochoa, one of the best Mexican toreros on the circuit, failed to cut from his first bull, due to troubles with the sword. He returned to cut an ear from his second bull, following a great faena, and took a vuelta with the ganaderos.

Javier Gutierrez had a hard time with his first bull, was violently tossed by his first bull, heard an aviso, and settled for applause. With his second bull, he turned in another excellent faena and cut two ears.

At the end of the afternoon, all three matadores and the ganadero were carried from the arena upon the shoulders of the cheering fans.



Bullfight World hates to sound like a cheering section for Eulalio López "El Zotoluco," but the fact is that the Mexican matador is recording some very impressive triumphs in Spain.

In one of his latest actions, in Motilla del Palancar, he alternated with Eugenio de Mora and José Antonio Iniesta, facing bulls of Los Bayones.

El Zotoluco was saluted for his first performance, but returned to win two ears from his second. The same was true for de Mora and Iniesta, each of whom earned ears from their second bulls. All three mata-dores and the ganadero were carried from the arena upon shoulders.

It now appears that barring injuries, El Zotoluco will appear in 30 corridas this season in Spain.


Spanish ace José Tomás is recovering from a minor goring in the scrotum —although it's difficult for Bullfight World to consider any damage to the scrotum to be minor— which he received in Linares. He completed the performance, although his privates were exhibited for the entire crowd to see, and was awarded two ears.


A young torero from Tijuana, Alejandro Amaya, has been registering triumphs in Spain. The 20-year-old torero is being assisted in his career by retired matadores David and Alejandro Silveti and their father, Juanito.

Silveti and Amaya had gone to Spain exclusively to train on the ranches, but opportunities soon began to appear in small, tourist-oriented arenas. To date, he has fought 15 novilladas and has cut 28 ears. He is now being managed by the noted Manuel Martinez "Cho-pera."


Many aficionados think that the running of the bulls through the streets is exclusive to Pamplona, which was made famous by Ernest Hemingway. But, the truth is that several Spanish cities celebrate similar events.

In the most recent such action, in Toledo, a 68-year-old woman, Valdomero Andrés de Vaquero, died due to injuries suffered in the encierro. Meanwhile, a 48 year-old man is recuperating from a serious goring, while eight other runners suffered substantial injuries while running with the bulls.


Spanish Matador El Califa suffered a grave goring, a week ago, in San Sebastián de Los Reyes. The goring in his left thigh, resulted in grave damage to major arteries and muscle groups.


Meanwhile, Mexican torero Ignacio Garibay is recuperating satisfactorily from a goring, suffered Sept. 2, in Toledo. The goring in the left leg, was large, but clean, not impacting on major arteries.

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