September 8, 2000


School Vouchers

The Attorney General of California prepared the following title and summary of the proposed measure (PROP 38).

School Vouchers: State-Funded Private and Religious Education, Public School Funding. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

Authorizes annual state payments of at least $4,000 per pupil for qualifying private and religious schools as grants for new enrollees. Expand eligibility in phases: by fourth year, all children enrolled in qualifying schools are eligible. Permits Legislature to replace current Constitutional funding priority and Proposition 98 guarantees for public schools with new minimum per-public school funding at no less that national average. Restricts regulation of private schools. Exempts private schools from designated Uniform Building Code requirements. Requires academic testing in grant redeeming schools. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Directors of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: This measure would result in major rearrangements of the State's of school financing, with growing annual savings in public school expenditures and growing annual costs of a new system of grants for children transferring to, or already attending private schools. Initial fiscal impact ranging from annual costs of over $150 to over $600 million. Long-run fiscal impact ranging from net annual costs to over $500 million to net annual savings of around to $2.5 billion. Other fiscal effects include: (1) Potentially significant savings to the state from reduced teacher retirement contribution; (2) unknown, potentially significant, savings to the State and local districts from reduce capital outlay needs; and (3) unknown potential loss of federal education funds to the state.



Carmela & Rigo Garnica founders of `Escuela de La Raza Unida.' School founded 28 years ago to save Hispanic children of farm worker families from blatant discrimination in the public school system.

Acampichtli J.M. Garcia Castillo, Director of the Cultural Council of YUAN-KUIKKANAHUAK (Nuevo Anahuatl), Cultural organization with the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico.


Alfredo Figueroa forty years organizer with AWOC, UFW, MAPA, HMN, and president and founder of La Escuela de La Raza Unida (ERU).


La Prensa San Diego, founded 25 years ago. Publisher supports parents having a choice available to rescue our children from the continued failure of public education to educate our children and condemning them to a life of ignorance, poverty, & early death.


Judge Larry Stirling: Candidate for State Senator Rev. Bishop McKinney

Los Angeles Unified School Board of Trustees. They stated, "Their students and parents deserve a CHOICE to improve their children's education."

U. S. Senator John McCain. He stated: "The public school system traps millions of children in failing schools without offering viable alternatives. Give parents a choice to improve their children's education!



The San Diego Union


Republican Legislators: Charlene Zettel, Anthony Pescetti, Jim Cuneen, Abel Maldonado, Bruce McPherson.


John de Beck, Trustee San Diego Unified School District Board.

The San Diego Business Roundtable, The California School Board Assoc.

The California Teachers Association.


(The most recent Field poll results show that voters appear to have a more favorable outlook on vouchers).


(La Prensa will continue its scoreboard on PROP 38 as they come in to our offices. Send your opinions in on this vital educational issue).

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