September 8, 2000

Presidential Campaign Tricks Pick Up

When is a speech private? When is it public? Presidential candidate George Bush, apparently swept up in the emotion of the moment, used an obscenity when telling his vice-presidential candidate Cheney his feelings about a New York reporter, who was present. He didn't realize that the microphone was on! The cheering partisan Republican crowd at Naperville, Ill cheered him. It was a damaging aside that he spoke over the public broadcast system before a large contingent of radio, television, and print reporters who reported the affront to their profession. This was not a private conversation it was a very public pronouncement that was heard around the world.

At this same Labor Day rally, before the party faithful, Gov. Bush said, " It is time to elect people who say what they mean and mean what they say when they tell the American people something"! Shall we then accept the fact that you really meant what you said… That all those in our profession are a bunch of as- h—s!

I believe the American people need to rethink whether you really mean what you say about education, health care, morals, ethics, the military, and social security or are you just another Newt Gingrich???

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