September 7, 2001



For those of you Mejicanos who were not aware of it... Presidente Vicente Fox no es totally mejicano... es parte gringo. El Presidente's abuelo comes from raíz Irlandés. El Gran-Papi del Presidente Fox es de Ohio (Estados Unidos). Su Mami es Mejicana.


No surprises, not one single CHICANO invited to have lunch with President Fox and the Mrs. la señora Martha Sahagun. Only safe Hispuuunics got to share frijoles and tortillas with the man. You know... Puerto Ricans, Cubans and a few TexMex's with boots on!


Councilman Inzunza out-politicked by Monseñor Joe Carroll. St. Vincent de Paul Village will be in the 2nd Council district. District 8 residents (mostly Mexicans, minorities), who are not much above the "homeless poverty line," are outraged. The Monseñor and his homeless live in Barrio Logan, but now the residents will have little to say as to what Father Joe will do. Look for more dumping of San Diego's unwanted in the Logan area. Gracias Monseigneur Carroll. You can always go back to the Diocesan hideout and leave the whole mess to the powerless residents...


Did you know that the majority of year-round schools in San Diego are located in Hispanic/minority areas? Did you know the Los Angeles Grand Jury was stunned to learn of the low scores in the Los Angeles School District's year-round schools that they examined (28 elementary and 6 middle and junior high schools)? All were located within the minority areas (Black/Mexican American). MALDEF and ACLU have filed lawsuits against the school districts. Year-round schools are considered academically damaging!


Supt. Bersin's people were questioned on maintaining multi-tracked and year-round schools. The answer given: single-track, year-round schools would remain because "the parents and teachers really liked them!" No proof of any educational benefits to the children was provided! (Traditional school years run from Sept. through June with 3 months off for summer vacation.) Single-track, year round schools have different grades starting at different times with shorter periods of vacation that may come in summer, fall, or winter.


Pregunta: Where is the proof that these year-round schools are helping the educational progress of the Mexican American, Black and other minorities whose schools have been placed on year-round tracks? Recent testing of students (state and national) show minority schools have shown no improvements but have, in fact, regressed.


Pregunta: Orale Mayor Murph, when is your ethics commission going to look into the unethical actions taken by Monseñor Joe Carroll and the Redistricting Commission on the moving of St. Vincente de Paul Village from District 8 to District 2? All this happened after the Redistricting Commission had issued their final district maps. Real ethical problem here: "Separation of Church and State" is not something to sneeze at. Whom shall we have meddling in our political problems next, the followers of Allah?


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