September 7, 2001

Bullfight World...
By Lyn Sherwood

El Pana Retires in Tijuana, An Indulto in Juarez

According to correspondent Gerry Campos, the very controversial Rodolfo Rodriguez "El Pana" performed his farewell corrida in Tijuana, last Sunday, and took his own sweet time enjoying his triumph.

El Pana alternated with Victor Santos and César Castañeda, facing bulls from Arroyo Hondo, which were big, beautiful, and well-armed.

With his first bull, El Pana —who is either a genius or a lunatic, depending on your point of view— performed a good faena, but had troubles with the sword. With his second bull, the matador placed his own sticks in spectacular fashion, even taking a vuelta after doing so. He was then awarded an ear.

While the band played the traditional song of farewell, Las Golondrinas, El Pana took his last vuelta, very slowly, receiving handshakes and abrazos from the monosabios, picadores, and other toreros. He was then given a medallion and took another vuelta, then another, and still another. Enough, already!

Victor Santos was awarded en ear, following a good performance with his first, although he had troubles with the sword. His second bull slammed head-on into a burladero and was knocked silly for several minutes, making circles in the middle of the ring, before finally recovering.

Castañeda was the triunfador of the afternoon, winning an ear from his first bull and two ears from his second, to which he gave a good faena, in spite of suffering a tossing. He left on shoulders.


In Plaza de Toros Monumental de Juárez, an excellent herd of bulls from Begoña was presented, last Sunday to Rafael Ortega, Oscar San Roman and Antonio Barrera. The third bull of the afternoon, "Vida," was granted the life-sparing indulto.

Ortega cut nothing from his first bull, but returned to win a pair of ears from his second. Due to an injury to Oscar San Roman, Ortega also faced Roman's second bull and was afforded silence for his efforts.

San Roman failed to attract many accolades for his performance to his first bull. His second bull tossed and injured him, and he failed to return from the infirmary.

Antonio Barrera turned in a stellar performance, winning the indulto for Vida, then returning to cut an ear from his second bull. Notable were the banderillas placements of Chato de Alcambaro, who placed all three sets and was afforded strong applause from the crowd.



A Colombian woman and her 17-year-old son have been arrested in Spain for throwing Molotov cocktails at 12 of Antonio Domecq's horses, six of which were killed in the conflagration, which took place in Ocaña, near Toledo, June 3. No reason was given for the attack.


Bullfighting is going international, but not without its problems. In Moscow, corridas were scheduled for Sept. 8 & 9, but they were canceled when animal rightist Brigette Bardot and her supporters lodged a formal complaint. The empresario has filed a lawsuit in the affair.

But, it appears that bloodless bullfights will be held, Sept. 7, 8 & 9, in Armenia, where Matadores Guillermo Albán and Jorge de Jesus "El Glison" will perform.


Matador Fernando Ochoa registered both triumph and tragedy, August 26, in San Luis Potosí, winning a pair of ears from his first bull and receiving a goring from his second. Facing bulls of Guanamé, Jorge Hernández II was applauded, as was Pedrito of Portugal. Jerónimo was applauded for his first performance, then returned to win ears from his second bull.

In Cieza (Murcia, Spain,), Aug. 26, rejoneadores Leonardo Hernández, Fermín Bohórquez, and Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza left the ring on shoulders for their performances to five bulls of Gerardo Ortega and one of Luis Albarrán. Hernández cut ears from his first and ears and tail from his second. Bohórquez won a vuelta from his first and two ears from his second, while Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza won a total of three ears.

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