September 6, 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks

Alerta Gente !!! There are coyotes out there that “talk the talk BUT DON’T DO THE WALK!” Case in point is the almighty Union Tribune, Assemblyman Juan Vargas, and Councilman Ralph Inzunza who are ignoring the desires of nuestra Gente of San Ysido to have their only main library built on the Eastside of I5 in the center of their town! For years the U/T beat the drums for building the San Diego Main Library in the downtown area. Something about making it a showpiece for the city. Now the brain trust at the mighty U/T, Vargas, and Inzunza have decided that San Ysidro residents don’t deserve to have their main library in downtown San Ysidro. Instead they have decided the library will be built within a new shopping center on the far Westside of I5 where no one lives. There are No Homes, No schools, No residents, No heart of the community NADA! Why does this smell to high hell? Follow the money trail!

Hablando de Maestros/administrators: Remember Jorge Parra, who was exiled to the Imperial Valley years ago? Seems some so-called leaders want to foist him on the San Ysidro school system as their next Superintendent! Of course, that he knows next to nothing about running a school system doesn’t seem to bother certain board members or so-called Community leaders. Water seeks its own level you know!

Por Favor Luis Natividad: stop putting your 4Ft by 6Ft campaign signs on peoples front lawns!! (Especially when they don’t support you)!

Raza running for office: Joshua Castro (Running against Juan Vargas in the 79th Assembly District), Petra Barajas (Running for Mayor of Chula Vista against Mary Salas & Steve Padilla), Maria Guadalupe Garcia (Running against Randy Cunningham in the 51st Cong. Dist).

PREGUNTA: How come District Attorney Pfingst wanting to talk to Sydro Board member Yolanda Hernandez? Un pajarito informs Tezzy that Hernandez wants the Sydro School District to hire her an attorney why? She is refusing to meet with the D.A. without an Attorney. Que esta pasando aqui. Thursdays Board meeting should be interesting.

PREGUNTA: How come Congressman Bob Filner is demanding that the San Diego City’s Ethics Commission investigate the City of San Diego for “submitting a fraudulent application for State funding of the San Ysidro public library that favors a private developer who happens to be building Las Americas Shopping Center located East of I5?? Does the name Skorepa, Vargas, Inzunza have anything to do with this?

For la Gente: A few preguntas to make to the Gringo politicos who want you to elect them to office:

1. How come Latinos have the lowest rates of homeownership in the U.S.of A?

2. Porque the majority of our gente can’t afford to buy or rent decent homes in the County of San Diego?

3. Why is it that the majority of our gente are rejected for conventional loans?

4. How come all you politicos allow the city, county and the Federal government to pay Mexican workers below the minimum wage established by Congress, the state?

5. Why after 50 years of lobbying, fighting, struggling, are our people still forced to live in neighborhoods that no self respecting Taliban would live in???

6. How come all you Republican are so hot to send all us Mexican Americans, Latinos, Hispanics poor citizens to go fight your CORPORATE WARS in the hot sands of Iraq? Didn’t see to many of you in Vietnam! You want war??? Send your sons and daughters!

Bueno, you have la onda NO SE dejen! Without your Vote they can’t win! And it makes no differences whether they are Republicans or Democrats!!

Sydrans complaining La Prensa San Diego is disappearing from its normal drops. Seems this tactic was tried once before when the Armas scandal was full force. Someone doesn’t want Sydro residents to read La Prensa. This type of censorship is illegal! If caught stealing and destroying La Prensa serious legal problems can be expected. It is the peoples right to be informed…

Ciao Tezzy

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