September 6, 2002

Hispanic Business Summit

2002 Congressional Hispanic Caucus Issues Conference

September 16th
2:30 to 5:30 pm
Hyatt Regency - Capitol Hill
400 New Jersey Ave., NW - Washington, D.C.

No Cost - No Registration

Summit Chair: Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez
Ranking Member, House Small Business Committee

Summit Moderator: Stephen Denlinger, CEO, LAMA - Latin American Management Association

Under Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez’ leadership, there will be a Hispanic Business Summit at the 2002 Congressional Hispanic Caucus Issues Conference on September 16. This is the Hispanic business community’s opportunity to formulate its policy issues, and to have them acted upon by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.


Summit Overview: Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Summit Chair Featured Guest: Hector Barreto, Jr., Administrator, U.S. SBA

Session #1 – Access to Capital and Private Sector Procurement (2:30 - 3:30)

George Herrera – Pres/CEO – USHCC - Accessing investment capital through USHCC’s Alianza Fund - Accessing contract opportunities through USHCC’s Procurement Council

Betty Manetta – CEO – Argent Associates, Inc. - Successful Latina businesswoman - Securing and performing large contracts in the telecommunications industry

David Shryock – General Partner, SB Partners, Inc. - Equity investment fund for minority businesses

Session #2 – MBE Policy Issues - Access to Federal Procurement (3:30 - 4:30)

Fred Armendariz – Associate Deputy Administrator – Government Contracting

and Business Development – U.S. SBA, and Luz Hopewell – Associate Administrator – Business Development – U.S. SBA - SBA’s Minority business development programs and new initiatives

LeAnn Delaney – Congresswoman Velazquez’ Small Business Committee Staff -

Legislative issues relating to Minority Enterprise

John DaSilva – Senator Kerry’s Small Business Committee Staff - Legislative issues relating to Minority Enterprise

Session #3 – Hispanic Business Policy Recommendations (4:30-5:30)

Hispanic business owners will formulate policy recommendations to be presented to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus at a plenary session of the Issues Conference on September 17 - these policy recommendations will be incorporated into the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Issues Conference Report - this report will be widely distributed throughout the country.

Year 2000 Hispanic Business Policy Recommendations

The following are the Hispanic business policy recommendations developed at the 2000 Congressional Hispanic Caucus Issues Conference:

* Support the preservation, expansion and improvement of the 8(a) program

* Establish a statutory goal for the SBA 8(a) set-aside program

* Pass legislation to re-instate set-aside contracts for competition limited to SDBs

* Press the Administration for a management plan (with goals and timetables) designed to redress the historic under representation of Hispanic businesses in SBA’s 8(a) set-aside contracting program, and Hispanics in the staffs of the federal OSDBU offices, and SBA’s national, regional and district offices

* Pass legislation to protect small and minority business from the effects of bundling of federal contracts

* Pass legislation that would put the review of bundling decisions in the hands of a third party, such as the OFPP, in bundling cases wherein SBA has formally indicated its opposition to specific bundling actions by federal agencies

* Pass legislation that would prevent federal prime contractors from engaging in bait-and-switch and double-bidding tactics in their MBE subcontract relationships

* Press for funding authorization levels that address the decline in funding of the Minority Business Development Agency at the Department of Commerce

* Pass legislation that requires federal agencies to institute goals and objectives for MBE participation in the R&D and technology programs of the federal labs throughout the country

* Support the creation of a national equity investment fund to make equity capital available to minority businesses

Under Congresswoman Velazquez’ leadership, LAMA, USHCC and other Hispanic business organizations have created this special forum for addressing Hispanic business issues.

Latino business owners: Please participate September 16!

LAMA Board Chairman, Arthur Lopez, CEO
Artlo Industries, Riverside, CA

LAMA Vice-Chair,
Carmen Ortiz, CEO
Aquas, Inc.,

Chevy Chase, MD
LAMA Board President,

Massey Villarreal, CEO
PTG Group, Houston, TX

LAMA Vice-Chair,
Manny Chavez, CEO
Harvard Technologies, Austin, TX

LAMA Secretary,
Juan Cabrera, CEO
Lord & Co., Inc., Manassas, VA

For information about the 2002 Congressional Hispanic Caucus Issues Conference, contact CHCI at 202-543-1771, or go to this web site:

For info about the Hispanic Business Summit, contact LAMA at 202-546-3803.

There is no cost to Hispanic business owners for participating in the Hispanic Business Summit. And, it is not necessary to register for the overall Congressional Hispanic Caucus Issues Conference to participate in the Hispanic Business Summit.

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