September 6, 2002

Auto Shops in Barrio Logan to Get a Taste of Air Regs

Workshop Offers “How-To’s” on Clean Air Compliance

The small businesses in Barrio Logan that paint or repair autos will have a chance to learn how to reduce the pollution from their businesses that affects the Barrio Logan neighborhood at a bilingual workshop set for Saturday, September 14.

The workshop will focus or regulatory enforcement, toxic chemicals, and air pollution as well as how auto and body shop employees can protect themselves and their neighbors. The workshop is free to participants. It will be held from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Barrio Logan College Institute, 1807 Main St.

Nothing’s really free these days, and the money to hold the workshop comes from California EPA. “For years, community groups have worked to bring attention to Barrio Logan’s pollution problems and now workshops like this are helping to do something about it,” said Susanna Concha-Garcia of the American Lung Association, one of four workshop leaders. The U.S. EPA, Environmental Health Coalition, National Steel & Shipbuilding Co., San Diego County Department of Environmental Health, and Southwest Marine are also contributing to the workshop.

Walk-in registrants are welcome. For information contact: Ellen Schulte 619-338-2324 or e-mail

The American Lung Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties is a member of the Barrio Logan environmental Justice Demonstration Project, which began as a plea from the Environmental Health Coalition to the local air district and the California Air Resources Board, then evolved in the late 1990’s into the Barrio Logan Air Toxic Monitoring group. The group was nominated and accepted as a National Demonstration project by the Clinton Administration, and now carries the official title as a Federal Interagency Environmental Justice Demonstration Project.

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