September 3, 2004

¡Cómo estamos Gente? After a terrific couple of weeks of the Olympics, it’s mucho tough to try and concentrate on the boring Republican Convention. Thank God it will be over this week. You notice the lack of artists, performers, singers, the total lack of interesting people? Sorry Gente, couldn’t take it anymore. The Republican Convention has no sex appeal. Even the vendido Latinos, that have appeared, are BOOOOOOORING!

No surprise who is going to be on the ticket... The same losers that are responsible for over 7,000 of our military men being wounded and nearly 1,000 being blown apart by the fanáticos in Iraq.

Ni modo!! Dicen mis cuates. You notice how its Republican sponsors have dumped the Chicano Federation? Next followed the MAAC Project, now The Barrio Station is being axed. Tried to tell mi Gente.If you play with fire, you’re going to get burn. The City and County have been controlled by Right Wingers since Mayor Frank Curran ran the City. All these ‘paid for organizations’ were funded only as long as the people involved could deliver the vote to the Right Wingers.

The score is in. Raza in Califas support Presidential Candidate, Senator John F. Kerry by 62% over the Tejano Pres. G. Bush! (Remember the ALAMO!)

A Todo Dar: Attorney Mike Aguirre, who’s in the race for City Attorney, has a substantial lead over Leslie Devaney. Latest numbers show Aguirre ahead by over 50%! Among Raza, Attorney Aguirre is favored by 60% of the Mexican American voters! Way to go Gente... Soon we will have our day in court!

Next to feel the “wrath” of Nuestra Gente will be the Mayor of San Diego, Dick Murphy! 50% of the Latino Voters have indicated that they favor Supervisor Ron Roberts. The Mayor is going to reap the wrath of the Raza voters for totally ignoring their interests. The Mayor ignored the fact that he is supposed to represent all the citizens of San Diego and not just the WHITE Society, the Chamber of Commerce types, the Developers, Bankers, and Corporate entities, to name a few. Even the Libertarians have shot down the Mayor... They stated “The Emperor has no clothes” after analyzing the debacle made of the City’s finances. Mr. Mayor, you failed not only our Raza, but also the entire City! Best you go back to being “de Judge.”

Moving along. Received an E Mail at my jacalito. A good ole Amigo from Chicano days, Henry Collins is in a hospital in Hilo (Hawaii), diagnosed with Guillian-Barre Syndrome. He has lost all strength in his legs and all sensation in his feet, legs and hands. Illness is a polyneuitis characterized by muscle weakness and paralysis. Be nice of those who remember Henry to send him an E-Mail to .

Gente, if you want a good print-out on San Diego and the mess it’s in, get a copy of the Los Angles Times of September 1, 2004 titled THE STATE “Fall From Frugality Puts San Diego on Fiscal Brink (A City once known for good management has a pension plan more than $1 billion in the red) By: Tony Perry, Times Staff Writer. This is the kind of information that you don’t get in our Union Tribune.

Nota to our Black Hermanos: It makes no sense for Afro-Americans (pre-slavery days) to be upset at other fellow Blacks who have migrated to the U.S. seeking freedom. They migrated to join with you. They have seen how Afro-Americans have gained their freedom and place in American society. Extend a loving hand to your Brothers and not a clenched fist.

Questionable Politics. El Jefito recently received a Press release, from the Murphy Campaign stating: “The San Diego County Mexican American Political Association (MAPA) voted to endorse Dick Murphy for Mayor. La Prensa San Diego made efforts to identify who MAPA San Diego was with no luck. The only name associated with the endorsement was Mateo Camarillo. The Statewide office was unable to provide a membership list, phone number or address of the San Diego office. Under the circumstances, El Jefe will not run any press releases from political campaign offices or from Mr. Mateo Camarillo. Until we receive evidence that MAPA legally exists in San Diego and that there is a bonafide Board of Directors and members authorize by State Wide MAPA.


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