September 3, 2004


President George Bush’s Front Line Surrogates Inadequate!

One of President G.W Bush biggest problems is that he hasn’t been able to shake off the image of being a puppet for Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense, Don Rumsfield, Colin Powell, Secretary of State and Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor. In addition, the President never did learn to be Presidential. He forgot, or never could accept, the role of being the President of all the country and not just the President of the Republican Party and the Corporate Moguls of the country.

It has been difficult for President Bush to internalize the concept that he was not “anointed” or “crowned” only to be the Patron Saint of the Rich Corporate Moguls or the well to do of the nation. He was elected, by the people of this nation, to be their President ...Their Leader.... To chart a course for the nation..... That would be beneficial, not only to America, but to the world. A President cannot represent a Nation when he is so limited in scope and understanding of the nature of his country and of the world he lives in.

Being short on knowledge about America and the world, the President turned over to his surrogates his Presidential responsibilities. President Bush chose to run the country in absentia. Unfortunately this limited his range of options to those whom he appointed to his cabinet and the Vice President. We now know how ill served he was by his Vice President in involving our country on the bogus issue of “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. It was quite clear that the Vice President was unseeingly more involved in making money with his corporate buddies, laying off contracts for Iraq on private companies, which he had a stake in, without bid. He involved himself in the energy crisis and once again being the funnel through which government contracts were funneled to his corporate buddies.

It’s now quite clear that the Secretary of Defense was a loose cannon and had little or no expertise in how to run the military. Rumsfield did more to lose the respect the military enjoyed with the citizens of America and nearly every Nation in the world. In the recently completed Olympics, our Athletes paid the price for the numerous errors in diplomacy, failures in complying with the Geneva Conventions and in the treatment of prisoners. As a former Veteran of WWII, Korea, & Vietnam, I have seen what happens when political desk jockeys attempt to run a war machine. The Iraq experience is not the one that I care to have as a lasting memory. Nor is it one I can be proud of.

It is a shame that former General Colin Powell will be remembered for having to carry out the policies of President Bush, aka Condoleezza Rice, Rumsfield and Vice President Cheney. A great military career has been destroyed. I fault him only for not knowing when to resign. Unfortunately, we learn in the military to follow the orders of the Commander in Chief. We have no choice.

The question to be answered on November 2, 2004 is: If President Bush fires all of his advisors.......Who or whom will he bring in? And when? The voters are scared of voting for a PIG IN The Poke anymore.

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