September 3, 2004

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Readers Respond to Lozano’s Retribution
(published 8/27/04)

According to US Navy records the Swift Boat Veteran’s for Truth are lying. You can read the documents yourself at These Swift Boat Veterans for “Truth” contradict their own statements about John Kerry. Roy Hoffmann, in 2003 said of Kerry: “I am not going to say anything negative about him - he’s a good man.” In 1996 George Elliot said this of Kerry, “The fact that he chased an armed enemy down is something not to be looked down upon, but it was an act of courage.” And in Kerry’s commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Grant Hibbard 1968 evaluation of Kerry shows that “Mr. Hibbard gave Mr. Kerry the highest rating of ‘one of the top few’ in three categories-initiative, cooperation and personal behavior. He gave Mr. Kerry the second-best rating, ‘above the majority,’ in military bearing.” The Not-So-Swift-Vets are also saying Kerry was only in the Navy for four months. According to US Naval Records John Kerry! enlisted in the Navy in February of 1966, months before he graduated from Yale. In December of 1967 Ensign Kerry was assigned to the guided-missile frigate USS Gridley; after five months of service in the Pacific, with a brief stop in Vietnam, he returned to the United States and underwent training to command a Swift boat. In June of 1968 Kerry was promoted to the rank of lieutenant (junior grade), and by the end of that year he was back in Vietnam, where he commanded, over time, two Swift boats. He was Honorably discharged in 1969. You do the math. John Kerry has served this country with honor for all of his adult life. Which is much more than we can say about our current Commander and Chief.

Amy Fader

During the Clinton administration, the Republican party open the door on the issue of military service for the Commander-in-Chief of this country. Now the Republican Party has nothing good to say on this issue because Bush and Cheney, both, avoided to serve directly in the Vietnam War. It appears to me that now the Republican Party has a problem competing against a true Vietnam War hero!

Since Bush and Cheney cannot compete against Kerry’s Honorable Vietnam War records. The answer is of course for the Republican Party to tear down such Honorable war records well earned by Kerry, and to lower the playing field so that Bush and Cheney could compete.

Tomas Lopez
Rancho Penasquitos

Bush Presidency Comes Under Fire

Under George Bush, Americans have lost 1.8 million private sector jobs.

Under George Bush, the administration has supported tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.

The Bush administration drove health insurance premiums up by 50 percent.

The Bush prescription drug plan helps drug companies increase their profits, instead of helping America’s seniors.

George Bush failed to provide the resources necessary for schools to meet the new requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. As a result, schools are being punished, but not supported.

George Bush is slamming the doors of colleges shut at a time when college is more important than ever. Over the last three years, tuition at a public university has increased by a record 35%—over $1200.

George Bush rushed us to war in Iraq without a plan to win the peace, a decision that has cost Americans 90% of both the casualties and the cost. George Bush supports a loner foreign policy that weakens the war against terror. Now he says we can’t win that war.

Patricia Nagy
Chula Vista

We must focus on the fact that George W. Bush doesn’t know what to say, what to think, and has often been found “FLIP-FLOPPING” on issues when he is interviewed without a teleprompter and pre-prepared speech. There is no better evidence to this than his interview on Monday when, in a complete moment of candor, Bush spoke from his heart. The evidence from the Associated Press, in the statements below, cannot be refuted, for they are the spoken truths of a president who doesn’t know what he thinks:

On Monday, when asked “Can we win?” (Referring to the war on terror) Bush said, “I don’t think you can win it.”

“First George W. Bush said he miscalculated the war in Iraq, then he called it a catastrophic success and blamed the military,” - Kerry spokeswoman Allison Dobson.

“Now he says we can’t win the war on terror. Is that what Karl Rove means when he calls for steady leadership?” - Allison Dobson

“We’re in a war, so you got a lot of people who say, `I don’t like the fact that we’re in a war. But I want to win the war,’” - Rove said in an interview.

Thank you for listening and taking my points seriously,

Blake Peter
Chula Vista

Where was the Media during Peace March?

It is a testament to how poorly our San Diego media is at covering local events when the only television network to show up and cover yesterday’s protest rally and march in Balboa Park was Telemundo. 500 people gathered yesterday to voice their opposition to President Bush and to protest the Iraq war and US foreign policy in Iraq and Palestine. Where were you?

Jody Bong
San Diego

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