September 3, 2004


By Diana Gomez

My dear friends, this time I shall attempt to write to you in English; I have been asked by one of my advisors to do so. He has a good point, we speak Spanish, but it is difficult to read it, since I have been in both positions… not knowing what is my English or my Spanish… or could it be my spanglish, here I am with the intension of opening my heart to you.

Ixchel is my name, it comes after the moon; Ahau is my last name and it comes from my heart, I am moon with heart, which it will give light and warmth... I ride the waves of the heart and bring light to the souls. I am thought of the new evolution where love is the only one command.

We, the humans have a soul; the soul is a process that is gained by awareness. Love is the energy of the soul. The question of today’s life is what do we conceive or understand by the word and the action of LOVE?

What is love? What do I love?

Love is the decision of being committed of being susceptible, responsible with the partner. It consists of four main principles:

1. - Decision:

First let us define the word decision. Decision must be voluntary; it has to be only your own “will.” Even though love is a feeling it comes from an emotional reaction from whom we choose to love. Whom do we choose when we make a decision of whom to love? We choose with whom we commit.

2. - Commitment

It is the capability of dedication to the other person or cause. In other words, it is taking the personal challenge of making sure that the beloved person will become fulfilled and live happy. Within this commitment, we are telling the loved one that we believe in what he or she is. We will support them to achieve whatever he or she dreams. In this way we are saying we accept unconditionally their strengths and weaknesses. When we believe in their achievements we understand that human beings change. During the search for love we take risks, we challenge boldly, and we face the unexpected. Sometimes we create margins of tolerance in the name of love. In conclusion love is a great quest to find yourself.

3. -Vulnerability

To be vulnerable implies openness, allowing the beloved person to become closer, and to discern the depth of your feelings in the most profound part of your being. If we are repellant and lock up our feelings love will never find the way to reach out to our root and develop. We must learn that having love in our lives implicates struggle, pain, joy and happiness. Deceptions are inevitable because we as humans are imperfect and we make many mistakes. These errors and failings are what make these experiences magnificent. Love cannot be separated from the pain of being in love. To choose, to commit, and to be open with someone is to become responsible of the decision we have taken.

4. - Responsibility:

Being responsible with the other means being there, we become a trustworthy point of reference for the beloved one. This involves many ingredients that are not difficult to achieve: trust, honesty, open communication, sincerity, acceptance, communion, intimacy. We are responsible to defend the beloved one based only on trust, just because we love the person.

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