September 2, 2005

This weekend, we say goodbye, to our friend, Marco Anguiano. Marco passed away from Cancer. He was one of the good-guys who will be sorely missed. The Chicano community will be a little worse off without him. Adios Amigo!

If President Bush needed a good reason to get out of Iraq, he has one now. Instead of rebuilding Iraq, he can now divert the billions of dollars he is spending in Iraq and use it to repair the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina in the States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida!

Notice the one thing missing in all the pictures taken of the disaster following Katrina? The National Guard! OOPS! We forgot the Guard is off in Iraq fighting Bush’s WAR! The Governors of the affected States don’t have the “Guard” to protect their State!

President Bush, and the Mrs., flew into “Americas Finest City, on August 30th, in an effort to drive up his slumping poll figures that keep going down and down. He gave his standard rah-rah speech on Iraq to a captive audience of mostly bored sailors! Unfortunately, the President was upstaged by Hurricane Katrina! The Prez played second fiddle to a real storm “Katrina”! He gained no polling points while in San Diego!

Herman Baca and members of the CCR (Committee on Chicano Rights) made the trek to L.A., to mark the 70’s Moratorium march in Los Angeles. They came back a bit disappointed with the turn out. Seems that there are not very many Veteranos of the Old Days around (The speeding ticket they got trying to make it there in time didn’t make it any better). The Chicano movement isn’t what it once used to be! In years gone by events like this would have attracted thousands. This time they were lucky if there were 300 hundred Chicanos. Que lastima. Ya no hay espiritu!

Que Paso with the U/T? They now are giving away their classified ads for free! Who do they think they are – a “community” newspaper? The U/T reason for the strange action given was that they were experiencing a sharp decline in readership! Could it be that the U/T is losing Readership to La Prensa? OR could it be that people just don’t read as much as they use to? Come on guys, the Boob Tube can never beat out a good newspaper! If you need advice, La Prensa can give you plenty of it!

Error Number 2001 of Speaker of the House, Fabian Nuñez, he didn’t do too well during his recent visit with Mexican President Fox. Before going to Mexico, he calls for a state of emergency at the Border. (That’s a Right Wing piece of B.S.) Once in Mexico, he spent most of his time trying to cover up for his stupidity! Nothing like blaming your neighbor for all the problems at home and then going over and expecting a warm Abrazo! Que pasa Amigo?

Political error number 2002: Speaker Nuñez endorses a Gringa, State Senator Jackie Speier (D-San Francisco/San Mateo), for Lt. Governor! Horale Speaker Nuñez, what was wrong with a very qualified Latina: State Senator Liz Figueroa (D-Alameda and Santa Clara Counties). Having a Hispanic in leadership, doesn’t seem to do other Hispanics much good.

Jean Romero, President of the San Ysidro School Board, caught crying at the last School Board meeting, before submitting her resignation as the President of the Board. The Board refused her resignation. Come on Jean, if you’re going to quit, go all the way and quit the Board completely. Quitting halfway doesn’t do it. Ysidro needs Board Members that are willing to fight over what’s right!

What’s happening at Grossmont Junior College? Why are they trying to fire their Mexican American President? Why is the Board of Trustees trying to eliminate all Professors who are not Republican NeoComs?

Pos so much for trusting Luis Acle to do the right thing! He just got endorsed by the San Diego Republican Organization for Council District 8! Luis Acle was elected for the San Diego Unified School District based on his statements that “he would do what was right for our Chicanito students. NO MORE SECRET APPOINTMENTS of the next Superintendent! What did he do? He sold out and never once consulted with the parents or the teachers! HE VOTED IN SECRETE FOR THE NEW SUPERINTENDENT! Se Vendió to the Right Wing Republicans!

Ya Basta Gente

Ciao Tezzy

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