September 2, 2005

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood


Correspondent Gary Sloan reports that the afternoon of Sunday, the 28th of August, in Plaza “El Toreo de Tijuana, proved to be successful for the toreros and their Medina Ibarra bulls. Matadores Rafael Ortega, Omar Villaseñor, and Ishmael Rodriguez performed for a very sparse crowd of about 1500 fans. The weather was very hot, and as it turned out, so was the action

Rafael Ortega

With his first bull, “Acerero”, at 495 kilos, it was “capote light” in the first tercio. Not even any quites, after the pic’ing. He did place his own banderillas, in a so so manner. His faena could be described with the same words: so so. He did have some brief moments on the right, with the muleta. A sword that was bajonazo completely, killed the bull, quickly. No awards.

With his second toro, “Pa Pa Nino” (510 kilos), his lidia was a clone of the first, except after this low sword, he was awarded two ears. Very strange, indeed.

Omar Villaseñor

With his first bull, “Mexicanito” at 450 kilos, the best of the day, Omar had some nice work with the capote, including a terrific set of gaoneras, after the pic’ing. The faena was grand. Great passes on both sides. This young man had a great bull, and he knew what to do with it. A full sword, and Mexicanito died, sin puntilla. Both ears for Omar, and a slow drag-out for the bull.

With his second animal, the 500 kilo “Pin Pin”, his performance wasn’t up to his first Some good moments with the capote were followed by a rather flat faena. After one pinchazo, another great sword, with Pin Pin dying, patas arriba. Vuelta for the Matador.

Ishmael Rodriguez

With his first toro, “Charro”, 450 kilos, he gave us some good work with the capote, and also did some nice gaoneras, after the pic. The faena was great, with temple that belied his experience. He worked especially well on the left. A media sword that was really effective would have produced a couple of ears, had the puntillero not brought the bull back up. One ear.

With his second animal, “Melocoton”, at 490 kilos, his performance was not up to his first. There were nice moments with the capote, but the bull caught, quickly, so his faena was short and perilous. A media sword, that was caida, and the bull died quickly. One ear.

Another good corrida, and another good herd of bulls, and it was another good day.

Next week, September 4th, Labor day weekend, the season will switch to the Hurtado brothers’ “Beautiful Bullring by The Sea”, with a cartel featuring the Maestro from Monterey, Eloy Cavazos, with Jorge Gutierrez and Alejandro Amaya, facing toros de Santi-ago. This should be a good one, so don’t miss it!

Due to a serious knee injury, British Matador de Toros Frank Evans, 63, has announced his retirement, following 40 years in the bullrings. But, the news has taken a bad turn. Police have reported that Evans has received an abusive message on his mobile phone. The message was allegedly sent by animal activists.

After receiving the message, Evans contacted the police’s special protection unit, which is now tracing the caller. Evans said: “How this person got my mobile number I don’t know, but in a week of giving interviews to papers, radio and television stations, I can see how it could have gotten out. The daft thing is that whoever sent it can be traced

through their own mobile, so sooner or later, they will be interviewed by police.”

According to TIMESON-LINE, posted by Stanley Conrad, Webmaster of the Mundo Taurino web site, Evans’ final performance was in late August, in Benalmadena, near Malaga. He was awarded a pair of ears.But, facing the bulls has attracted the ire of animal rights’ activists.

”They have sent bombs to my house. They have sent threatening letters to me and my mother. For others who do not see the art behind bullfighting, it must seem shocking to see a bull killed (in the arena), but it is no different from a slaughterhouse,” Evans said. Perhaps, now that Evans has put away his sword, it is not only the bulls (that) can rest easily. Evans, a father of three, acknowledged that his wife, Margaret, will be just a little relieved, according to TIMES-ONLINE.

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