September 1, 2000

Another Goring in Tijuana

Matador Guillermo Gonzalez "Chilolo" was gored, last Sunday, as he entered to kill. Actually, it was a re-goring, for it opened a wound that he had recently received in the upper torso. After preliminary medical attention in the infirmary, Chilolo returned to accept the ear that had been cut, took his turn of the ring, then immediately returned to the infirmary of Plaza Monumental de Tijuana, according to Tijuana correspondent Gerry Campos.

Chilolo alternated on a card that also featured Enrique Garza and César Castañeda, facing bulls that weighed from 500 to 615 kilos, although Campos reported that the posted weights seemed somewhat generous.


With the first of the day, a bull that had initially developed a cramp, Garza placed his own sticks, in good fashion. But, his faena was dull and he was rewarded with silence. With his second bull, Garza opened with good Verónicas, again placed his own sticks, but did an instant replay of his first faena. Silence. With the third bull, which had originally been scheduled for Chilolo, Garza again was rewarded with resounding silence.


Chilolo opened with a larga cambiada, followed by decent Verónicas. He placed his own sticks, including one set a la Calafia. He opened his faena with some decent kneeling passes. The ear that was cut was mostly out of sympathy for his having suffered the goring.

César Castañeda drew the best of the lot. With his first, he opened with very good Verónicas. He placed his own sticks in acceptable fashion, Following a mostly lackluster faena, he was applauded.

His second bull, the last of the day, made a good entry, but didn't allow César to extract Verónicas very well. The matador did not place his own sticks. Castáneda then turned in a good faena, topped with a well-placed sword, to win an ear, according to Campos.



Curro Rivera returned to the rings, last Sunday, in San Luis Postosí. Alternating with Fermín Spinola and Oscar López Rivera, both of whom received their alternativas, the trio faced a herd of bulls from Claudio Huerta.

Curro Rivera cut one ear from his first bull and was saluted for his second, while Spinola and Oscar López Rivera each cut two ears.


Mexican ace "El Zotoluco" continues to register triumphs in Spain. In his most recent action, in Requena, he cut two ears. Facing a herd from Los Millares, El Zotoluco alternated with El Juli and El Califa. At the end of the afternoon, in addition to the two ears cut by El Zotoluco, El Juli had cut three ears and El Califa had cut two. The three matadores left on shoulders.

And, in Huelva, alternating with Antonio Ferrera and Javier Cinde, El Zotoluco cut an ear from his first bull, although Ferrera was the triunfador of the afternoon, cutting ears and tail from his first bull and registering an indulto with his second. Javier Conde was shut out.

In still another action, July 21, in Valencia, facing toros of Victorino Martin, El Zotoluco cut three ears and left on shoulders. Oscar Higares cut one ear from his first, but suffered a small goring and the fracture of two fingers on his right hand with his second. José Luis Moreno won and ear from his first bull, but was gored by his second. Meanwhile Mexican picador Efrén Acosta was treated after his horse was bowled over on top of him.


Meanwhile, in Córdoba, Spain, Spanish matador José Tomás was awarded the silver montera trophy as the triunfador of the Feria de Nuestra Señora de la Salud. The popular trophy has a value of an estimated 500,000 pesetas.


In San Luis Potosí's Plaza El Paseo, a total sellout was registered for a corrida of Teófilo Gómez and one from Marco Garfias. The Garfias bull did not perform well for rejoneador Giovanni Aloi, allowing only applause for the horseback torero.

Meanwhile, Eloy Cavazos, celebrating his 51st birthday, cut an ear from his first bull, then returned to win ears and tail from his second. Victor Santos cut two ears from his first, but suffered a goring with his second.


At first glance, it would seem that Portugal has liberalized its law against killing bulls in the plaza, but closer examination reveals a different story. The recently-passed legislation, replacing a prison term of three years for killing a bull in the plaza, imposes fines ranging from $95,000 to $380,000 (dollars).

Thus, the tradition continues. Bulls that die in the ring do so in a condition of hot blood. But, in Portugal, the bulls are released to the corrals, where several hours later, somebody puts them to death. Qué barbaridad!

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