October 31, 2003

Toltekas en Aztlan - Al Souls Day

Toltekas en Aztlan invite the public to commemorate the 25th Annual Traditional Milhuikaihuitl (Aztek Naua Ceremony) Dia de los Muertos “All Souls Day” at Chicano Park, under the Coronado Bridge One block east of Crosby and Logan Avenue in San Diego on Saturday, November 1, from 12 noon to 5:00 p.m.

Since ancient times The Aztek Naua Ceremony of the Day of the Dead has been a very important expression of life and times in The American Continent’s Culture especially so among the Indian People.

25 years ago Toltekas and Aztlan presented to the community the beauty of the spiritual expression of the ancient traditional way to express the departure to the Spiritual world of the Soul which leave the Physical life in Aztek Language called Milhuikaihuitl.

Toltekas an Aztlan

Greeting’s People. The purpose of the Dia de los Muertos is to honor the loved ones who have passed on. Today, we have the honor of commemorating three Chicanos, who passed away last year, and they were devoted members of Chicano Park Steering Committee.

In the year 1970, this historical instance of seizing this future park for the community was a complex commitment. The accomplishment would have not possible if it weren’t for the people who devoted their effort and hearts to this great cause.

Our first Honoree mention goes to Ron Trujillo, who up to his death helped the Chicano Park Steering Committee celebrations since 1970.

Second honoree is Roy Talamantez, who fought for this property to become Our Chicano Park.

Third, but not least, is Felipe Esparza, a man who was involved in the development and the implementations of the cultural programs. Felipe also Drumed and Danced for Toltekas en Aztlan. May they rest in peace.

To accomplish the Ancient Aztec Tradition 25 years ago Toltekas en Aztlan performed with poetry and traditional dances, the public was invited to participate in the ceremony. And this year We Toltekas en Aztlan will honor Special Aztek Holistic Fire Ceremony as Ancient Traditional Prayer to pray for the future generations to work for peace, Love, Brotherhood and take care Mother Earth, to save the Planet. Public is invited to participate.

The events will be: Workshops on Altars, with Aztek dancers, student and public participation.

Aztek dancers from Mexico, Los Angeles and San Diego

Aztek Ceremony for Mother Earth

Aztek Offering of flowers, food, candles, procession, poetry

Aztek Fire Ritual Dance, Health Ceremony for The Good Will of Mankind, for Mother Earth and Health of all people. Public is invited to participate.

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