October 29, 2004


San Diego Unified School District Board of Education


In District D, Benjamin Hueso is running against Luis Acle.

Leadership on the San Diego Unified School Board for the past seven years can be described as abysmal. Meetings were reduced to name calling, hurling veiled threats, and constant verbal warfare between the Board majority and those on the Board minority. Frequently, their arguments spilled over to the audiences at the school board meetings. It is amazing that any school district business was conducted.

At the core of this problem was the control that was exerted by the Chamber of Commerce, San Diego’s business elite, the San Diego Union Tribune, Bill Gates Foundation, Hewlett Packard and others in their efforts to change the face of education in San Diego. To do this, they endorsed, supported and financially backed School Board members and candidates in order to have a Board majority sufficient to implement the “Blueprint for Student Success.”

One of the biggest issues, with the school board, has been the disconnect between the Board and the parents. The present Board majority, in their quest to implement the “Blueprint” ignored the community. Board members are elected by the voters to be the voice of the community. To achieve this end, Benjamin Hueso represents the best opportunity to do this. Hueso’s connection with the community goes all the way back to the days of his father who was a part of the Chicano movement, and an advocate for the Hispanic community in particular the Sherman Heights/Barrio Logan communities. His father’s advocacy rubbed off on Hueso. Hueso has long been involved with the community groups, church, Boy Scouts, and the Inner City Business Association. Hueso has long been involved with educational issues and issues of education concerning the Hispanic community. Hueso has had a lifetime of learning and being a part of the community and it’s needs for the future.

Luis Acle is a career politician. Prior to becoming a substitute teacher within the district, he has had little experience with the issues of the district and virtually no networking or involvement within the community or with community groups. Acle is a conservative Republican who does not reflect the district or its people.

The Editorial Board Endorses

Benjamin Hueso

For District D, San Diego Unified School District Board of Education


Miyo Ellen Reff is running against Mitz Lee

In the Primary election we endorsed Miyo Reff primarily due to a more cautionary attitude in regards to the changes needed at San Diego Unified School District.

Since the Primary, eight months ago, Mitz Lee has had a chance to reevaluate her position and has taken a more measured response to the questions of Bersin and the “Blueprint”. Bersin is a non-issue; he on his own will be moving on as Superintendent, he is an administrator, not an educator. His stay at San Diego Unified is about over and he knows it, so the issue of firing him is a moot point.

In regards to the “Blueprint”, Mitz Lee has conveyed to the Editorial Board at La Prensa that she will work to keep the best of the “Blueprint” the parts that work and move on from there. Mitz Lee is dedicated to education. She has been involved with educational issue for many years. Through the educational, community organization, that she and her husband started, The Alliance for Quality Education, she has over two decades of community involvement and Education. Mitz Lee has worked with diverse ethnic communities and has worked with various Hispanic organizations earning their respect and endorsement. Mitz Lee will bring the voice and respect of the community to the school board. Lee has the will and determination to make the changes necessary within the district to change the course and bring community/parent involvement back into the Board meetings.

The Editorial Board Endorses

Mitz Lee

For the Board of Education- District A

District E

Shelia Jackson and Dr. Sharon Whitehurst-Payne are running for School Board Seat, District E.

In the March Primary, The Editorial Board endorsed Dr. Sharon Whitehurst-Payne based on her support of certain aspects of the Blueprint with an eye toward building upon its successes. Whitehurst-Payne presented a concise vision of what needs to be done with the district such as keeping class sizes at 20 students, cutting instructional leaders and school site administrators, and to reign in the excessive spending on the Blueprint. She has over 30 years of experience in California public school education. She has worked as a teacher, a resource teacher, a program evaluator and a human resources administrator for San Diego City Schools. Nothing has changed since March to change our minds about Dr. Sharon Whitehurst-Payne, as being the best candidate for District E.

The Editorial Board Re-endorses

Sharon WhiteHurst-Payne for

District E of the San Diego Unified School District

Board of Education

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