October 29, 2004


Ballot Recommendations

City of San Diego

Proposition G: Amends The City Charter Relating to the City Contribution to the Retirement System

In spite of the deep financial hole, the Mayor and city council has placed the City in, it incredibly wants to continue the multi billion under funding of the Employees pension! The City is near bankruptcy. Send a big message to the Mayor and the City Council, with exception of City Councilwoman Donna Frye who consistently tried to stop the madness being carried out. The City is as close bankruptcy as it can be. The whole Retirement system needs to be “restructured’’. This won’t happen until the Mayor and City Council members are removed from office and an entire revamping of the system occurs.

Stop the Madness:


Prop H: Amends the City Charter to change the Composition of the Retirement Board.

This Proposition is an effort to mislead the voters into believing that the pension-under funding mess can be solved by shuffling a few people around on the Pension Board. The folks that need to be removed and that are most responsible for the multibillion under funding of the pension system are your elected City Councilmen and the Mayor, with the exception of Councilwoman Donna Frye, who consistently tried to stop the underfunding of the pension funds.


PROP J: A Proposal to raise the Hotel and Motel Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) from 10.5% to 13% to be used for general governmental purpose.

This is a classic “switch & bait” proposal. Normally funds raised for specific purposes require a 2/3 majority vote to pass. In the past TOT funds would specify that they would be used for tourism, public safety, tourism promotion, Convention Center etc. They could not be used for any other purpose and it would require a 2/3 majority vote for the Proposal to pass. However, by not listing the specific purposes to which the monies would be raised, as in Prop J, a 50% majority vote will pass this Proposal. The Mayor, and the members of the City Council, have approved a proposal that only specifies that the monies will be used for general governmental purposes, i.e. for whatever purposes the City Council wants to use it for!

With the current track record that the City Council and Mayor have on squandering the funds in the City Treasury, it is unwise to give the City a blank check to squander the funds. Until the City squares away and stops acting in an irresponsible manner, it is unwise to provide them with an open checkbook!

The Editorial Board of La Prensa

San Diego urges the Voters


PROP K: Mount Soledad Natural Park

Shall the City be authorized to sell a portion of the Mount Soledad Natural Park, i.e. the portion upon which a Cross is located on. This has been identified as a Constitutional violation associated with the requirement of maintaining a separation between the State and religion. This requires a 2/3-majority vote of approval.

If Prop K fails, the City may be required to remove or relocate the Cross-to private property to comply with Federal injunctions prohibiting the presence of the Cross on City-owned land.

The Courts have previously stated that there has to be a separation between the State and religious institutions. It is in our Nation’s Constitution. It’s time that this struggle between the Church and State be settled! It will be interesting to see how the State gets rid of our religious statements on our paper money, religious statements on our federal/state buildings, Bibles in all our ceremonies upon assuming office etc. Some how, we as a nation are going to have to come to terms with the contradictions in our Constitution and the people’s faith and need to have God in their lives. Perhaps it is tim for discussions to start on changing this part of the Constitution.

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