October 28, 2005


The Hispanic Choice for Mayor of San Diego

For the Hispanic, Latino, Chicano, Mexican American voters, the choice for the next mayor of San Diego, you would presume, would be a no brainer. So why do we feel so uncomfortable with the choices on the ballot? Of the two candidates, Donna Frye and Jerry Sanders, Councilwoman Frye would seem to be the logical choice in that there is a sense that she is more aligned with the Hispanic liberal voter. Former Police Chief Sanders comes with heavy baggage. He is aligned with ultra Conservative Right -Wing Republicans who have made a shambles out of San Diego.

To date, former Police Chief Sanders has not been held accountable for the leading role he played as SWAT Team Commander when the senseless killings of Mexicans and Americans, at the McDonalds Restaurant in San Ysidro, on the 18th of July 1984, occurred. It is clear that the murderous onslaught and of 22 men, women and children and the wounding of 15 others, by James Oliver Huberty could have been prevented or at least stopped without so many of our people being killed! La Prensa San Diego’s Commentary that was published on August 19, 2005 relived the horrible facts of the 18th of July, 1984 massacre. The essence of the Publisher’s Commentary was that SWAT Commander Sanders was at a Police social function. Further, he drove from San Diego down to the massacre before giving the order for a sniper to take out Huberty! To date, he has never been made to answer for the slaughter that occurred on the 18th of July 1984! Candidate Jerry Sanders never made a public response to La Prensa San Diego’s Commentary!

Then, there is the issues of Jerry Sanders in seeking and getting the political support of the very same people who have helped usher in this debacle with the pension fund fraud. These same people supported the election of former Mayors Dick Murphy, Susan Golding, Roger Hedgecock, and Pete Wilson, all Ultra Republican Conservatives! They reduced San Diego into a mockery of its former self. It is obvious that former Swat Team Commander Sanders is not our choice for Mayor. What now?

The Voters are facing a dilemma. They have been foisted a proposed change in the kind/type of government that we know nothing about because the voters had no input to discover just what is behind the effort to give San Diego a “Chicago” type government i.e. a strong Mayor form of government (whatever that means.) Of course not knowing the exact form of how we will be governed, makes it difficult to determine what qualities we should desire our next Mayor to have. It is voting in the blind. There were only two candidates that survived the last go-around and La Prensa San Diego finds Mr. Sanders totally unacceptable. That leaves us Councilwoman Donna Frye on the Ballot!

So why aren’t we extol Frye’s virtues and just come out and say it, vote for Frye? Why, because Frye knows little about or cares to learn about the Hispanic community.

Part of the problem is district only elections. Frye represents the beach communities where issues such as the environment and beach cleanup dominate this district. Hispanic issues rarely came into play for Donna Frye. Frye as with all other city council members differed Hispanic issues to the District 8 representative.

It is also disturbing that Councilwoman Frye, who has been running for mayor of San Diego for three years now, has done little to engender herself with the Hispanic community. She has done little to excite this community to get up off the couch and come out and vote on November 8.

District 8, along with District 4, is home to the city’s largest percentage of Democratic voters yet the Frye campaign has done little to address these districts concerns. This lack of concern is reflected in the polls where district 8 voters have show an indifference to voting. The Hispanic vote is up for grabs. Its Donna Fry’s to lose.

And while we could use this space and discuss the merits of Frye’s Pension Plan versus Sanders’, the fact of the matter is that their plan today won’t be the same plan three months or three years from now. Both plans are fluid and will change with circumstances, or for legal reason, and/or through outside pressure. What needs to change and what a new mayor can bring to the table is a change in attitude and the way that city hall does business and herein lies the difference between Frye and Sanders.

What Frye has going for her is a clear understanding of the Pension debacle and appears to be willing to address the problem at its roots instead of misplaced blame, in contrast to Sanders who wants to fire the 300 or so managers working at city hall. Frye has a good working relationship with City Attorney Mike Aguirre which gives us hope that perhaps a sound, legal solution to the pension fund fraud will be reached.

Donna Frye seems to represent a more open and honest form of government which this city needs more than anything else. For too long, city government and politics has been conducted behind closed doors with secret deals being cut. This form of governing has got to stop. This, more than anything else, is what Donna Frye brings to the table.

We recommend a Vote for Donna Frye to be the First Strong Mayor of San Diego.

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