October 28, 2005

Operation Gobble Alert

Since 1992, I have led successful efforts to provide for struggling California families during the holiday season. The success of the Operation Gobble program can be attributed to the many generous, energetic and caring people across the state who have come forward to share their time and resources. However, far too many families still go hungry during what should be a time of sharing. Therefore, I welcome your involvement in Operation Gobble 2005, our 13th year of feeding the hungry.

Each autumn, my volunteers and I work very hard to help the less fortunate. Last year we were able to provide nearly 100,000 meals for hungry people in several regions throughout California.

This year is somewhat unique in that the charitable giving programs of many organizations have been focused primarily on providing aid to the victims of the Gulf Coast hurricanes. While the plight of those displaced by the hurricanes is of great concern to all Americans, we cannot overlook the hunger that exists here at home. Ironically, those most in need are often those who work very hard to put food on our tables-such as farmworkers-as well as children and seniors on fixed incomes.

By finding a few more major sponsors this month, we would be able to greatly enhance the Operation Gobble program’s scope, allowing more hungry families to share a meal on Thanksgiving. It would mean a great deal to me if you would share this information with your friends and co-workers so that they may have the opportunity to help us brighten the outlook of forgotten families this Thanksgiving. In addition, there are several other ways that you can get involved. As a business owner or concerned individual, your sponsorship, donation or volunteer efforts can ensure the continued success of this vital program and generate immeasurable hope and joy for those who are homeless and hungry.

Remember, every penny donated goes to feeding hungry people. There are no administrative costs. Every dollar will go to purchase turkeys for families in need. In addition, our state’s emergency food bank network will provide canned goods that will help make a Thanksgiving dinner complete.

Interested parties may contact one of the regional representatives below for more information on how they can get involved. (Contributions to this statewide charitable program are tax-deductible.)

In San Diego: Ms. Carmen Spurling: (619) 525-4305 or .

Thank you so much for your consideration of this request.  I would greatly appreciate your involvement.  Please visit my Web site at: http://www.ltg.ca.gov/gobble/default.asp to learn more about the program. You may also contact me by email at: Cruz.Bustamante@ ltg.ca.gov.

Cruz Bustamante
Lt. Governor

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