October 27, 2000



Campaign 2001 Seriously Flawed

The ELECTION cycle is rapidly coming to a close. Without question, this has become an election where the candidates and the voting public have a serious disconnect. There has not been a moment, in time where the voters have been able to relate or communicate with the candidates. Instant polls, which prove nothing, have fueled the campaigns direction. The issue of the moment, the spurious outburst of the moment, has become the instant policy of the moment. Marketing models, television and print media feedback loops have controlled the political agenda. There has developed a human disconnect with Governor George Bush and Vice President Al Gore, perhaps that is why there are so many undecided voters at this late stage of the election process.

The American voter is in a valley of indecision, confused and in the dark as to what either candidate really is about or what their vision of the future for America is. We know what the kitchen issues that require no great presence of mind. But, little is known of their philosophical orientations; their vision of America's role in international affairs: Their "grand plan" or vision for America through the 21st century; little is known of their "grand" moral principles that will guide and sustain them in the presidency. There has been little outreach to the nation's voters to sense the pulse of the American voter to discover the sense of where the American people are. In the whole political campaign the missing element, the voter, has been missing. There has not been a "people's" campaign. The American public has been neatly labeled, stereotyped, packaged and marketed as so much sausage on the production line. The voters were completely ignored from the political process.

The closed nature of the national campaign is ominous. The manipulation of the American public by the national media is disquieting. Its participation, as a willing partner in a fantasy dance, with the ruling oligarchies to carry out their false propaganda brings back memories of the role Gobbles played in relation with Hitler and Nazi Germany. The closeness of the national media to those in power has worked to keep the public operating, in a vacuum essentially uninformed, voiceless, and manipulated by false advertisements and propaganda. It is quite obvious that the national media monopolies operate at the back and call of those who grant them their monopolies to control what is read, heard, and seen in America. The general public is hapless and powerless to change what is happening.

That the media monopolies function more and more in the interests of the parties in power is matter of grave concern. A serious disconnect between the "public" and the elected public servants has been created. It brings into question the role of the national media in national elections. It brings into question whether America isn't becoming more and more totalitarian and closed rather than more democratic and open.

As both major parties become more and more closely identified, in ideology and intent, and the major media continues to identify with them, America appears to be closer and closer to becoming a single party totalitarian system that could spell danger for our democratic institutions and system of government. Perhaps it is time for our national media to dialogue their historical role as the fourth estate in the preservation of democracy and their failures in ignoring this vital role in the name of profits.

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