October 25, 2002


Mary Salas for Mayor of Chula Vista

The residents of Chula Vista are in a unique position, in regards to the two individuals running for mayor of the city. Mary Salas and Steve Padilla are both equally qualified and both share a similar vision for the city. There is very little that distinguishes one from the other. And, the city will be well served by either one.

But, a choice must be made between the two.

The biggest difference between the candidates is the support base that each candidate represents and in our opinion Mary Salas has a much broader base and more importantly, has a broad base support among members of the Hispanic community. In reviewing the support base for Padilla, it is noted that his support comes primarily from the old guard of Chula Vista and developers. It is in our opinion that Padilla does not represent the whole community within Chula Vista to the extent that Salas does.

For this reason La Prensa San Diego supports Mary Salas for Mayor of Chula Vista.

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