October 25, 2002


Michael Giorgino A breath of fresh air in the 40th Senatorial District

(The 40th Senatorial District race presents two contrasting personalities Denise Ducheny, a Democrat, who was termed out of office in the 79th Assembly District, and is now attempting to get back to the State Capitol. She is contending against a political newcomer, Michael Giorgino, a Republican.)

Denise Ducheny was, at one time, considered the champion of the working class, and the minorities. Six months after assuming office, however, her banner faded as the people who she supposedly represented, Mexican, Black, Filipino, and White working class Americans discovered that she was sailing under false colors. It quickly became evident that Ducheny had sold out to the highest bidders in Sacramento. She became an Assemblyperson beholden to the lobbyist of the traditional corporations and special interests who paid out big bucks to buy the votes of elected politicians. Ducheny who was elected by the MexicanAmerican voters of the Barrios of Logan Heights, Encanto, San Ysidro, the East side of San Diego, and Black ghettos, and White working class neighborhoods quickly forgot their desperate needs and turned her back on them.

She had quickly learned the game of taking money from all the vested interests and quickly turned her back on the people who had given her their votes. The 79th was a district in deep poverty, ghettos, run down Barrios, and slums. It was a district that was ignored by the City of San Diego, and the State. The previous elected Councilman and now their elected Assemblyperson had betrayed them. Its residents were abused by the system that regularly paid them minimal wage and under employed them. When they were hired, it was for the worse jobs in the area, jobs that no one else would take. Their schools were the worse, oldest, and poorly staffed and which regularly graduated functional illiterates. The cycle of poverty was perpetrated. Six years after Denise Ducheny was termed out (the voters couldn’t overcome the power of the lobbyist and the entrenched Democratic party machine) NOTHING HAD CHANGED. Now she wants you to give her another free ride and elect her for six years in the State Senate.

La Prensa San Diego believes its time to stop relaying on bankrupt politicians. Its time for a change!

Michael S. Giorgino, a Republican, retired from the Navy, discovered something about his party and the politics in the state and nation. Politicians in great numbers were for sale. MONEY was not only the Mother’s milk of politics . . . It also was the most corrupting element within the political scene. Giorgino jumped into the battle zone, that was the 40th State Senatorial District, for only one reason: to show the hard core Right Wing, which currently controls the Republican Party, that there is still a place for honesty, sincerity and for caring about the peoples whose lives are impacted by what he does or does not do in office.

His party did not support him because the gerrymandering of the districts, by both the Democratic and Republican parties, had made the 40th a virtual captive of the entrenched extremist of both parties. In their playbook, the 40th was cut to be a Democratic seat…all with agreement of the Right and Left-wingers in control of their Parties. Ducheny, who was termed out of office in the Assembly, was the designated Democratic candidate. She needed a job. She is supposed to win no matter what the voters want. The Republicans provide no financial support for their candidate and the Democrats had all the major corporate sponsors pour the bucks into the Ducheny campaign. Ducheny is bought and sold in the interests of big business, Indian Casinos, major Developers, and/or electric generating companies. Some of the other Districts were gerrymandered so that the Right wing is entrenched in office and supposedly can’t lose.

Michael Giorgino is a man of honor who for over 20 years of his life laid his life down for his country. He believed he was doing it to protect our way of life. Now he knows how few in this country benefited from the sacrifices that were made on the battlefields of WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm and countless other Presidential “Police” actions. He wants to make a difference in the way politics is practiced. He wants to bring change in his own Party that so fears the moderating winds that are being felt all over the state. The hard core Right Wing is an anarchism of the past. The ultra Left of the Democratic Party is akin to the Ultra Right Wing of the Republican Party. At their worse, the Ultra-left falls into despotic Communism and the Ultra-Right turns into a Facist/Totalitarian Dictatorship. Both are anathema to a DEMOCRACY.

Michael Giorgino wants to continue serving his country as he has spent most of his life doing. But, with one major difference, he wants to shift his flag to Sacramento!

The wish of every sailor is that he has “following winds’ as he heads for port. The stronger they are the sooner he gets home. Michael Giorgino has set his sails to the desert winds of the Imperial Valley and the San Diego shoreline. They are fully spread and heading at full speed ahead. He has batten down his hatches and has gone full ahead. He is determined to win the battle for the voters trust, as he fires volley after volley at the badly battered and sinking DD Ducheny, a relic of the past.

The editorial Board of La Prensa San Diego must take a principled position and stand by Mike Giorgino who is a man of HONOR and endorse him to become the next State Senator in the 40th State Senatorial District.

We urge all our voters from the San Diego and Imperial Valley to:

Vote for
Mike Giorgino
The 40th State Senate District

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