October 21, 2005



City of National City
Proposition B: Shall an Ordinance be approved imposing a one percent transactions and use tax (a sales tax) for City Services, Facilities and Programs?

Here we go again, last election it was a Bond that Mayor Nick Inzunza tried to get passed and failed. This Election, he reconfigured that Bond Proposition into a Sales Tax. Calling it a TAX makes a big difference! Passing a Sales Tax needs only 50% plus one to pass!

We are led to believe that this money will be used for Police and Fire personnel, salaries and services, but no where in the proposal is this money dedicated for this purpose. The revenues from the Sales Tax collected from retail sales will go into the General Fund “and may be used for any purpose”! This money could be spent anywhere! With this City Council it’s a blank check that could be spent on tamale parties, City Councilmember pay raises, expense accounts, bonuses, it could be spent anywhere!

If this money is intended to fight crime and for fire prevention, as is inferred, then it should have been in writing so that the voters can hold the city to the written agreement. The Voters remember the promises made by the Sweet-water School Board to rebuild and replace old schools in National City. National City Middle School is still waiting! Seven years later they are still waiting for this promise to be fulfilled.

And, while the mayor, city council and proponents of this tax state that “outsiders must pay their fair share,” this does not hold water. What is the biggest business in the city? It is the ‘Mile of Cars’, this is the engine that drives this city, yet due to state law “outsiders” non-residents of National City do not pay the 1% percent tax. Whereas National City residents, if they buy a car in their city will have to pay the extra $200 or $300, depending of the gross cost of the car could be higher or less.

The residents of National City have already seen their rates for water and trash pickup raised, they are paying higher in utilities rates, and not to mention the cost of gasoline, the last thing they need is an added tax burden.

National City is the poorest city in the County! Yet, if this new tax passes it will push the sales tax in National City to the highest tax of all 18 cities in the county. Does this make sense to you? It doesn’t to us.

We Recommend a No Vote on this Tax

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