October 21, 2005

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood


Sunday, Oct. 16, in José López Hurtado’s “Beautiful Bullring by the Sea”, was the scene of a magnificent set of bulls from José Julian Llaguno,

presented to Alfredo Rios “El Conde,” César Castañeda, and Fabian Barba. According to Tijuana correspondent Gary Sloan, the bulls were “the largest, most beautiful herd that I’ve ever seen in Tijuana.”

El Conde

With his first bull, “Mezquitero” (540 kilos), a huge brown and white beast, Rios had more on his hands than he could handle. He did nothing with the capote, and his faena de muleta was strictly defensive. One pinchazo, one full sword, and it was over. Aplausos.

  With his second toro, “Rebocero” (650 kilos), Conde gave good veronicas and a nice media veronica for the remate. At the quite, he gave a nice set of chicuelinas. His faena was very good on both sides, hanging in there with this huge bull. A great sword placement terminated things, but all that Conde got was a vuelta.


With his first animal, “Huzachero” (530 kilos), César did some decent work with the capote, followed by placing three sensational pair of banderillas. His faena was decent and brave. A half thrust, then a full one, followed by one thrust of the descabello, and it was over. Aplausos.

With his second toro, “Obelisco” (520 kilos), he didn’t do much with the capote. His banderillas placements were OK, but not as good as those on his first animal. With the muleta, he complied. The result was the same: aplausos.


With his first bull, “Munero” (590 kilos), Barba gave good work with the big cape, followed by a very good faena that was very big on the left hand side, and very good on the right. A good sword resulted in the only award of the day, one ear.

With his second bull, “Nopalero” (490 kilos), he gave nothing with the capote. The bull savaged the horses, knocking down the first one, once, and the second horse, twice. The faena was scary, as this bull was treacherous. He killed with a half thrust, followed by a bajonazo, and it was over.  Silence.

Feria del Pilar

The annual Feria del Pilar, in Zaragoza, Spain, is in the books, with the most triumphant matador being Novillero Cayetano Ordoñez. On Oct. 8, facing four novillos of Daniel Ruiz, Ordoñez won three ears. On that afternoon, Rejoneador Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza encountered a pair of bulls from Murube and cut three ears, while Daniel Cuevas won a singular appendage for his performance with the Ruiz novillos.

Two serious injuries were recorded, during the feria. On Oct. 12, Antonio Barrera’s ban-derillero, Pepín Monje, received two gorings, one of which bruised the femoral artery and the other was in the scrotum. His condition was pronounced “grave”. Then, on Oct. 13, Matador Miguel Abellán suffered a serious golpe in the right leg and was unable to continue. His condition was termed “reserved.”

Politics,Politics, Politics

The Mundo Taurino has always had its controversial characters, but none quite as outrageous as La Plaza Mexico Empresario Rafael Herrerías, who has lashed out against matadors Eloy Cavazos and Rafael Ortega.

In an interview with the Esto newspaper, Herrerías said, of Cavazos, “He has robbed many (people, including toreros such as El Cuate, José Daniel Ayala, and Rejoneador Gastón Santos). Cavazos is a (slang term for excrement).” He added that the season would be successful, with or without Cavazos.

Regarding Rafael Ortega, Herrerías called the matador an indio rajado and insinuated that Ortega is the only Mexican matador who refuses to appear on a cartel with Spanish matadores.”

Apparently, Ortega declined to appear on a card for which he had been contracted, because a Spaniard was also perform.

Ah, politics!  Where would La Fiesta be without them?  Probably, in a much better place.

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