October 20, 2000

Ballot Recommendations



County of San Diego

PROP A: Amendment to the San Diego County Charter: Shall the San Diego Charter be amended to require contractors and their lobbyists to publicly disclose gifts and campaign contributions made to the Board of Supervisors?

PROP B: Imitative Measure: "The clean contracting Charter Amendment": Shall the clean contracting Charter Amendment be adopted?

PROPS A & B need to be looked at together in order to understand the "flim-flam" that is involved in this matter. PROP B was first proposed by a group of concerned citizens that wanted to remove the kind of back room deals, payoffs, and corruption that is rampant in our cities and county. The Charger and PADRE deals are one kind of special interest deals that were cut by unscrupulous politicians and greedy businessmen. PROP B is an Initiative measure that has teeth to it and will bring out, in the open, violators. It will have disclosure laws, penalties for violators. It will have strict rules regarding the acceptance of soft money, contributions, and gifts with which businesses, contractors, unions or individuals attempt to corrupt our political system.

PROP A: Was created by less than honorable politicians and special interests to defeat PROP B. PROP A is a fraud, proposed to deceive the voters. It has nothing in it to fight corruption.






City of San Diego

PROP C: A measure amending People's Ordinance 0-10960 with Ordinance 018837. This ordinance will modify the existing height limitations on 66 acres of land located in San Ysidro for the International Gateway of the Americas project. The project will have to receive the approval of the City and the Coastal Commission.

If approved buildings will be permitted to be higher than the permissible 30 foot height limitations currently in effect. Construction of structures of up to 150 feet in height would be permitted.

A yes vote would be appropriate on PROP C. The economic growth will assist San Ysidro to grow, support it's schools and improve the general economic condition of the area.




Sweetwater Union High School District

PROP BB: Shall the District issue $187 million in General Obligation Bonds to repair and upgrade school facilities, add schoolrooms, improve fire alarms, remove asbestos, upgrade electrical wiring, renovate water and sewer lines, improve heating and ventilation systems, renovate restrooms and replace worn roofs at Sweetwater Union High Schools at Bonita, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, National City, San Ysidro, and portions of San Diego.

The best estimate is that the passage of this much needed school bond issue will cost property owners $26.92 per $100,000 of assessed valuation. The levy on property will run until Fiscal year 2015-2016. In order to pass, this proposal will have to pass by a 2/3rds-majority vote.

Passage of PROP BB will qualify the district to receiving over $60 million in matching funds! This means the Sweetwater School District will actually have $247 million dollars total for these needed repairs.

No Prop BB monies can be used for district administrative offices or salaries.

An independent citizen's oversight committee will oversee the projects to assure that every dollar is spent properly.

La Prensa San Diego urges you to vote YES on PROP BB. It is not an easy task to urge property owners, especially homeowners, to assume a $26.92 per $100,000 assessed valuation of their properties. However the condition and deterioration of the physical plant of the Sweetwater Union High School District leaves us no choice but to support this bond issue. Many of the buildings are over 50 years old and are unable to function as learning centers for our school children. The Sweetwater Union High School District is the primary public educational system for South Bay's thousands upon thousands of Mexican American-Latino, Filipino, Asian, Black, and middle class white students. To not provide a suitable learning environment for them is to shortchange our own children.


Para nuestros hijos



Southwestern Community College District

PROP AA: Shall Southwestern Community College District issue $89,354,000 in bonds to relieve overcrowding, improve high-tech training facilities, repair classrooms, and build college buildings; replace leaking roofs, aging ventilation and plumbing, renovating science labs, libraries, building new classrooms, AND acquiring/improving real property etc. The bonds will be sold in five series.

The best estimates indicate that the tax needed to fund this bond issue will be $16.79 per $100,000 of assessed valuation in fiscal year 2001-02. The last of the five series of bonds will be sold in fiscal year 2012-13. The above tax evaluations are not binding on the college. The actual tax rates may vary (up or down).

PROP AA requires a 2/3rds majority to pass.

NO PROP AA bond money can be spent on administrator's salaries.

A Citizens Oversight Committee will oversee all expenditures.

We have a problem with PROP AA. In June 23, 2000, President Serafin Zasueta announced plans for an "Educational Village" to be built in the heart of National City. Southwestern College is the "developer" of this ambitious project that will cost approximately $40 million dollars! This so-call education village will consist of 38,000 square feet of RETAIL SPACE; a 32,800 square feet of RESIDENTIAL SPACE, consisting of 80 housing units, a central plaza with a 'prominent fountain', and approximately 100,000 square foot educational center encompassing branches of Southwestern Community College, San Diego State University of California as well as the County of Education.

The question that arises is just what portion of PROP AA MONIES going for an "Education Village" that in fact is a commercial enterprise? Who gets stuck with the bill if this little venture fails? Why isn't the so call deterioration of the college buildings being addressed? Since when can a Board of Trustees and its president of the college take off on commercial ventures with funds that the voters provided for EDUCATION?

La Prensa San Diego asks for a NO VOTE ON PROP AA. Southwestern College has not been as forthcoming or as open on their commercial venture nor is their public scrutiny or accountability on just where public education funds are being spent on.


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