October 19, 2001


Another Politician to Run San Diego Unified School District Not Needed

A Coalition led by Dwayne Crenshaw, a candidate for the 4th District City Council, issued a press release Oct. 17th at 10:28 p.m. which said that the Mayor and City Council should appoint a "Blue-Ribbon" task force to oversee the Board of Education and make a recommendation on whether the city should take over school district operations.

In their Oct. 17th morning edition, the Union-Tribune editorialized that San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy should take a leadership role in "bringing reconciliation on the school board and advance the cause of education of school reform."

After 12 months of investigating, interviews with school teachers, parents, organizations, students and administrators and attending more board meetings than we care to count, La Prensa San Diego published a five-month series of articles on what was occurring within the San Diego Unified School District. As a result, on Oct. 12, 2001 La Prensa San Diego requested that the County Grand Jury be impaneled to investigate the San Diego Unified School District to include the Board of Trustees, the Superintendent and the educational failures of the Blueprint for Student Success.

La Prensa San Diego also asked that the State Board of Education send in an education master to replace the School Board and the Superintendent until the situation has been analyzed and the proper steps are taken to remedy the District's failure to carry out its mandate of educating our children!

La Prensa San Diego was heeding the anguished cries of mothers and fathers who have watched their children become pawns of local politicos who have been in control of the district since the election of Ed Lopez, Susan Braun and Ron Ottinger and the hiring of Superintendent Bersin, an attorney with no educational experience. As the school district lurched from one crisis to another, we listened to cries of alarm from the educators whose spirits and souls were torn apart by the machinations of the Superintendent and his imported team from New York.

We fear for this school system that chooses to teach what politicians in Sacramento and Washington D.C. dictate because it wins them popularity contests and votes. There is now no room for the professional educator to provide input into our school system. Trustees are merely pawns of a political system which controls the means for their election. Those in control need widget makers.

Mr. Crenshaw may want another set of politicians to try and run the schools, but his press release is but a thinly disguised ploy to curry favor from the Mayor and the local politicos who control the City of San Diego. Evidently he feels agreeing with the Union-Tribune will place him in the graces of "The Good Old Boys." We need less politics in our school system, not more!

The Union-Tribune, which has seen better days in the quality of its editorial team, has lost the vision of what is good for our city. Its failure to speak out in the best interests of our children and on behalf of providing them with a well-rounded education, points to this failure in vision.

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