October 18, 2002

State Proposition 52

PROP 52: Would allow legally, eligible, persons to register to vote on Election Day. (An Initiative petition).

The manner of who, when and how, LEGALLY ELIGIBLE citizens can vote needs to be revisited. Changes need to be made to make it easier for those who are legally able to vote, to do so! It is incredulous that in America elections are held where often times less than 34% percent of the voters make decisions that impact on the Nation, State, City & county elections. There is a pressing need to encourage all those who are citizens to vote.

PROP 52 has the protections within it to mitigate against those who would be inclined to commit fraud. It increases the penalties for committing fraud and requires the proper supporting documentation to allow an eligible citizen to register to vote on Election Day.

PROP 52 may have the unintentional outcome of discouraging fraud, such as occurred in Florida and other parts of the nation, because of the stiffer penalties that it incorporates. It is time that America move beyond its antiquated notions that voting is a privilege that should be limited and tightly controlled. Instead, the franchise should be expanded such as to facilitate citizens to vote.

Rather than worrying that fraud may occur, events in the corporate boardrooms, stock markets, major business entities, indicate that FRAUD will occur in spite of our best efforts to eliminate it. However, make the penalties for committing fraud strong enough and it will dissuade those inclined to do so. It might even cause them to think twice before committing fraud.

Let us encourage all who are citizens and legally can vote to do so. Come and vote on November 5th and:


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