October 18, 2002

Notas politicas

The names behind some of the Political Action Committees that exist in the Raza political scene: The South Bay Committee whose Treasurer is Jorge Covarrubias, well known Psychologist, and member of the Sweetwater School District. The Official residence of this Political Action Committee (PAC) is given as Covarrubias residence. At one time the Bahia del Sur Group and the South Bay Committee were one and the same. They split when they found out they could raise and funnel more money to Board Trustee candidates if they reformed into two separate committees.

The South Bay Committee raises its funds from the 40 plus Sweetwater Union High School District Principals and Administrators. Word is that if they donate, chances of getting promoted, whether you are qualified or not, are much better if you join and contribute money which then is contributed to individual Board Trustee Candidates or other candidates of choice!

Bahia del Sur Group has as its Treasurer Cynthia Griego, wife of Board Trustee Bob Griego, Board Trustee of the Sweetwater Union High School District. Bahia del Sur Group gives as its address as being at the same address as Martinez & Cutri Corporation, an architectural firm, that, not surprising, does a lot of business with the Sweetwater School District! Joe Martinez, (The Martinez in Martinez & Cutri Corporation) just happens to be a member of the Charger Stadium Committee!

The Peter Miguel Camejo for governor campaign has been lobbying el Jefito, at La Prensa San Diego, to support his campaign for Governor. Peter is running under the banner of the Green Party. On the same ticket is Donna Warren who is running for Lt. Governor. Don Camejo is a first generation Venezuelan! He is a descendent of Miguel Anzola, an indigenous leader and governor of State of Lara in Valenzuela. Peter took the name of Camejo in honor of Pedro Camejo who was a leader in the Valenzuelan revolution for freedom. (Contact Gwendolyn at 619-266-4380 for information).

The Los Angeles Times, who sponsored the debate between the candidates for Governor, recently barred candidate Peter Camejo from joining the Governors debate and press conference. The L.A. Times spokeswoman Martha Goldstein stated that he couldn’t participate because he didn’t reach the 15% support in the polls based on presidential elections criteria! It’s a shame the L.A. Times doesn’t know the difference between a Presidential and a Governors race! Or, was it plain racial profiling??? Perhaps Governor Candidate Camejo should revisit his positions on Civil Rights and Equality. Seems the L.A. Times is decided to eliminate all candidates from the Governors race except the White Republican and Democratic candidates.

Maria Garcia, for some strange reason, decided to make her first try for elective office running under the Republican banner. Then, perhaps having a secret wish to fail miserably, she took on Democratic Congressman Bob Filner in the 51st Congressional District. Maria, Maria, I know you are a first generation immigrant, but the whole world, including Mexico, is fully aware of the Republican racist attacks against our Raza. Sorry, pero ni modo, that we can support you. The California and National Republican Party have not made any significant accommodations to the Raza of this nation. Bob Filner has!

PsssssssT Gente: did you know that in the last election cycle for the Sweetwater Union High School District Board of Trustees, that local Developers & Business Interests contributed $4,459 to Jim Cartmill, $2,650 to Pearl Quinones, $8,750 to Greg Sandoval, $10,450 to Bob Griego!!

PsssssT Gente: Did you know that in the last election for the Sweetwater Union High School District Board of Trustees that Sweetwater District Administrators donated $100 to Jim Cartmill, $2,600 to Pearl Quinones, $1,460 to Greg Sandoval, $1,650 to Bob Griego, and $16,015 to South Bay Committee

PsssssT Raza did you know that South Bay Committee contributed $1,000 to Arlie Ricasa, $2030 to Bob Griego, $3,000 to George Sandoval, $2,450 to Pearl Quinones, and $1,870 to Jim Cartmill. In the last election

Al fin mi Gente, Bahia del Sur Group contributed $9100 to Bob Griego, $4,500 to Greg Sandoval, $7,000 to Pearl Quinones, and $1,000 to Jim Cartmill.

Added note: The Developers and Business Interests donated $44,200 to BAHIA DEL SUR!

Now you know..Ya saben …who pays your candidates

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