October 17, 2003

Social Consciousness

Through Artistic Means

So, you’d spend almost $9, by yourself, to go see Arnold kill everyone in his latest flicks, then go back to your run-down neighborhood, and watch him and his real life co-stars kill democracy on CNN or FOX? Chale! Under the auspices of Chicano family-oriented publishing house, Calaca Press, comes entertainment for the mind. Whether you are socially conscious or not, whether you’re ready for art that questions the system your stuck in or not, the Red CalacArts Collective is stepping up to the stage to bring it to you.

Red CalacArts Collective (RCAC), “social consciousness through artistic means” is an arts/activists organization comprised of San Diego artists, writers, publishers, and educators that have come together for the soul purpose of creating, promoting, and producing non-profit, multidisciplinary art that gears toward raising issues that run along the U.S.’s border walls … migra, affordable housing, healthcare, and the attack on oppressed cultures across the world.

Join the Red Calaqueros for their first event on El Dia de los Muertos at Chicano Perk (129 25th Street, San Diego, CA. 92102) to honor those that have passed on in struggle. You’ll be in the cross fire of spoken word poets Miguel-Angel Soria of the Taco Shop Poets, Mariajulia Urias co-founder of the RCAC and poetess of the chapbook Con Fuerza, East L.A. writer Olga A. García Echeverría author of book When Skin Peels, and Sara Durán of the Theatre Guerilla Troupe and Teatro Con Safos. There will be music by Victor Payán, co-founder of Save Our Centro Coalition and Keep On Crossin’. Christian Ramirez of the American Friends Service Committee will speak on border issues. The consciousness begins on Sunday, November 2 at 4 o’ clock in the afternoon, and it’s a free event. That’s right, there won’t be a $9 cover charge, there won’t be simulated shoot-outs while driving an SUV, there won’t be snappy catch phrases, but ultimately, there won’t be any misrepresenting. Support grassroots art and keep corporations off the canvas.

For questions on the Red CalacArts Collective, contact Brent E. Beltrán @ 619-434-9036, or via email at RedCalacArts@hotmail.com.

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