October 15, 2004


Sweetwater Union High School District Board of Education

La Prensa San Diego’s Board of Editors after due consideration believes it is time for a Change. Two board seats are up for election this year. If ever there was a need for change the time is now. The present board has been paralyzed and rendered ineffective for most of the past four years. In our considered opinion, the current incumbent of Seat #2, Pearl Quinones, who is running for reelection, is incompetent and not worthy of the voters support.

  La Prensa San Diego ENDORSES Stan Canaris to replace Quinones for Seat #2! Stan Canaris is an experienced educator of 36 years. He retired, from the Sweetwater district after working as a Teacher, a Coach and as a Principal. He has no other agenda except to see that the students have the best opportunity to learn. Canaris has identified the problems that have plagued this Board and is determined to see that the school resources are used in the education of these students. Canaris has the passion and motivation to hold the District accountable for its actions. To allow the misuse of Prop BB monies to build two gyms at a cost of $12 million dollars apiece instead of using the monies to provide classrooms, and other facilities was inexcusable! The misappropriations of PROP BB monies happened while Pearl Quinones did little or nothing. The misuses were so bad a Grand Jury investigation was called for. The School District, including the Superintendent, was rebuked for the misspending of Prop BB funds. There are other members of the Sweetwater Board of Trustees who also sat and did nothing while the monies were squandered. Today, the schools are still in deplorable condition and the students have paid the price.


Seat # 4 Sweetwater Union High School District is an open seat; the incumbent chose not to run for reelection. Seven candidates have filed for this seat. Of the seven Jaime Mercado has the most personal experience. The Board of Editors of La Prensa San Diego found Jaime Mercado to be the most qualified candidate.

Born in Mexico, Mercado came to San Ysidro at the age of 11 and ended up dropping out of high school (Mar Vista High) in the tenth grade, facing many of the daunting challenges that our youth face today. Mercado went back to adult school. He then went to Southwestern Jr. College, San Diego State University and eventually earned his credentials and became a teacher. His life came full circle when he became Principal of Mar Vista High, the school that he had dropped out of!

Mercado knows what it takes to succeed. He also knows the struggles that our youth face each day. And Mercado knows what doesn’t work and what does work in educating our Hispanic youth. Mercado is also aware of the misuse of monies by the district and is determined to see that the school’s resources are used to educate the students.

  We urge the voters to take a good hard look at all the candidates. We are sure you will see in Jaime Mercado and Stan Canaris the type of Board members that the Sweetwater Union High School Board has needed for a long time. You, the voters will have an opportunity to change the direction of the Board of Trustees to a positive, pro-active Board that will be focused on education.

 La Prensa San Diego


 Stan Canaris for Seat #2 and Jaime Mercado for Seat #4

Sweetwater Union High School District Board

 VOTE Tuesday, November 2, 2004 in the General Election

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