October 15, 2004

General Elections 2004

Proposition 70
Tribal Gaming Compacts. Exclusive Gaming Rights...Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute

Proposition 70 is an effort, by one single tribe, to force the State to provide a 99 year compact, to the “Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, with a sweetheart compact that essentially allows the tribe to not pay any portion of their income toward state or local taxes. Prop 70 would authorize the Agua Caliente Band to have an unlimited number of casinos with no limitations. i.e. they can have any type of Casino gaming. Prop 70 would maintain all its income under wraps. Neither State nor local jurisdiction would have any access to financial records.

  In fact, the Aqua Caliente Band wants total sovereignty and to become a nation onto its self with no Federal or state control. It wants the Right to ignore our Nation’s Constitution, Bill of Rights, Laws and Government.

  Sixty other California Tribes operate casinos on their tribal lands under Compacts negotiated with the State....One won’t! Through the process of the Initiative Petition one tribe with its uncounted gambling funds is now trying to “buy” your vote, which if you give it to them, will be unchangeable for the next 99 years!!

Vote NO! On PROP 70

Proposition 71 

 Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statue.

  Proposition 71 is just another Initiative asking the voters to allow the state to sell three billion in general obligation bonds to provide funding for stem cell research and research facilities in California. Unfortunately, it would cost six (6) billion dollars in interest and principal to pay off the loan (over 30 years).

  Don’t you think our state is already so horribly in debt that it is virtually on the verge of bankruptcy? We have no money! Why do think the politicians didn’t put this Constitutional Amendment and Statute through the normal legislative process? They don’t want their VOTE to be associated with voting to indebt the State for another $6,000,000,000 (as in billions)!

  As a matter of fact, PROP 71 is written to where the Governor and Legislature is prohibited from exercising oversight and control over how this money will be spent! JUST WHO WILL BE WATCHING THE STATE TREASUARY? This Initiative opens the door to another massive rip-off of the taxpayers who will be left holding the bag on this boondoggle!


Proposition 72

Health Care Coverage Requirements Referendum

Prop 72 purports to provide Health Insurance for approximately 6.3 million non-elderly residents of California who lack health coverage, at some time during the year. Four out five of these people are either unemployed or are family members of someone who is working. All the rest of the residents of California have some form of health coverage according to the analysis by the Legislative Analyst. Not stated is; How many of the uninsured are drug addicts. Prop 72 now intends to solve the problem by attempting to burden the employers to pay at least 80% for the health coverage for these folks. There are no facts just how many of the 6.5 million who lack health coverage is employed. Are they under 16?

I suspect many of these 6.3 million are not employed. Does this mean that if they are ill they should not have health care? Of course not. Question is: Why should the business community be made to carry the financial burden of providing health care for all 6.3 million or any portion of the citizens of America that need health Care?

  Health care should be the responsibility of the government. If a small Island nation like Cuba can provide FREE health care for all those who live in Cuba, why can’t a wealthy nation like America be able to look out for the health of all its citizens without trying to push the responsibility to the business sector? We have a health problem in this nation because our government is mostly concerned in maintaining the multi-billionaires of this country HEALTHY and WEALTHY. We have more Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, and medical facilities in the world, yet, we can’ keep Americans healthy WHY? Because we insist that medical care be a profit motivated business!

Proposition 72 is not an answer but a cop-out! Americans must force our politicians to work in the interest of all American citizens. MONEY is not the answer to everything. Major Corporation, if made to pay taxes in ratio to the benefits they derive from doing business in America, can be the source of money if needed, to help resolve our problems and shortcomings. What America needs is to get back to the basic principles of the Founders and find our way back to the greatness that America once had.


Americans are tired of being conned by the leadership of America

¡VOTE NO en La Proposición 72!

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