October 15, 2004


Jill Galvez is our choice for Chula Vista Elementary School Board, Seat #4

One of the most important areas of concern, to the voters in an election, is the education of their children. If the schools are not functioning to the satisfaction of the parents and family members, the school districts are caught up in turmoil. The schools are one of the few public institutions where the voters, parents, other family members and yes, even friends will become highly incensed over the failure of their school districts to provide their children with what they consider is the best education possible. Every resident of a community, such as Chula Vista, holds as their fondest memories that time that they spent in the school system. When a school fails, the memories are not there and a child has been shunted aside to the margins of society condemned to live a marginal life all his life.

The Chula Vista Elementary School system has come to the attention of the Editorial Board of La Prensa San Diego as the chorus of the disenchanted and concerned parents has risen over time, especially among the Mexican Americans. Something is wrong. The opportune time has come to make a change in the governance of the district and bring in fresh perspectives. It is time to elect someone who will be responsive to the needs of our children. We need a Trustee who will have the interest and motivation to attend regularly scheduled school board meetings, to attend after school meetings, to go to school sponsored events, or make the time to just sit down with a parent and talk with them one-on-one. Patrick Judd, after 16 years, has lost touch with the school District teachers, and most of all has failed to maintain communication with the voters in his District.

Patrick Judd has served on the Chula Vista Elementary School Board for 16 years. In our opinion, that is long enough for any one candidate to serve. During this time if Mr. Judd has not accomplished his goals that prompted him to first run in 1988, it has now become self-serving to continue running for re-election. It is time for a fresh, invigorating, perspective on education to take Mr. Judd’s chair. It is time for new ideas and to have someone elected to the School Board – Seat 4, who will not shy away from their responsibilities. The parents within the school district need someone who will have an open line of communication with them and have the children’s education as their consuming interest.

In our opinion, Jill Galvez fills the bill! Mrs. Galvez is a mother of two children, who attend school in the District. She has a degree in Engineering, Telecommunications and Computer Science. She has managed hundreds of employees and multi-million dollar budgets. She is an active and involved member of the community volunteering her time to various boards and organizations such as the Parent Club, Chula Vista Heritage Museum and serves as a Junior Theatre trustee. Jill Galvez has been in the classrooms presenting the History of Chula Vista to the school children. She is a Board Member of Crossroads II. She is actively involved with the issues of the City of Chula Vista. As a resident of the Westside of Chula Vista, she is aware of the diverse issues and concerns of these residents. It is unfortunate that Mr. Judd, along with three of the other Board members, all live in Bonita. There is an inbalance in the representation on the School District Board.

Galvez is committed to keeping and bringing the best teachers to the district, to ensure that they are supported and supplied with the tools necessary to teach the children. She is committed to maintaining class size maximums that allows for more attention given to each individual student. She will make a strong effort to reach and teach the ELL students. Through early English language acquisition and by providing the necessary tools and support, these students will achieve effective language transition. She is committed to high expectations for all students within the district.

When a school board candidate goes before you the voter and asks for your vote they are asking to create a compact between you and them, that they will represent your interest on the board. For Patrick Judd this is a promise that in our opinion he has not kept with the voters and the children under his responsibility! When Jill Galvez asks you to vote for her to represent you as a Board member, she is making a commitment to you and the children, that she will keep her end of the compact!


La Prensa San Diego is Proud to Endorse Jill Galvez

for the Chula Vista Elementary School Board Seat #4

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