October 14, 2005



Proposition 78: Discounts on Prescription Drugs

Should the state adopt a new state drug discount program to reduce the costs of prescription drugs for Californians at or below 300 percent of the federal poverty level?

Establishes discount prescription drug program for certain low- and moderate-income Californians. Individuals who earn below 300% of the Federal Poverty level about $29,000 per year or under $58,000 for a family of four.. Authorizes Department of Health Services to contract with participating pharmacies for discounts and with participating drug manufacturers for rebates. Currently MediCal provides prescription services for low income children and adults. For those not covered by MediCal the State provides prescription drugs under the Healthy Families Program for low income and moderate income families who do not qualify for Medi-Cal.

Prop 78 is a Proposition bought and paid for by the Drug Lobbies to defeat Prop 79 a solution put for by consumer, health and senior groups. Prop 78 is a smoke screen supported by millions of dollars by the makers of drugs who want to control who gets their drugs, how much you will pay for them and the State is prohibited from defending the citizens who can not afford the outrageous prices that the Drug industry is trying to scam off the citizens.

La Prensa San Diego

Recommends a NO Vote on 78!!

Proposition 79: Prescription Drug Discounts. State-Negotiated Rebates

Should the state of California create a new prescription drug discount program for residents at or below 400 percent of the federal poverty level, and change state law to make it illegal to engage in profiteering from the sale of prescription drugs!

Provides drug discounts to low income Californians who have income that falls below 400 percent of the Federal Poverty level (up to $38,000 for an individual and up to $77,000 year for a family of four.) Prohibits Medi-Cal contracts with manufacturers not providing Medicaid best price.

Propositions 79, provides a drug discount program, but from different perspective. Proposition 78 is an initiative that was introduced reflects the drug companies’ watered-down response in response to Prop. 79. Prop 78 doesn’t provide any significant savings and is based on a voluntary compliance by the pharmacies and provides significant loop holes where if certain requirements are not met they could close the program without any consideration of the impact that it would have on the poor and unemployed. The Corporate Board of Directors don’t care about the patients…The bottom line is their main concern. Their plan doesn’t provide funding to ensure the success of the program. This proposition does not even warrant consideration.

If the consumer groups want to have an impact on the health and affordability of health care they should instead take a look at the huge number of uninsured individuals in the state and work with the legislatures to find a solution to ensure that all individuals in the State can afford health insurance. If they do this the cost of drugs becomes a mute point.

La Prensa San Diego Urges

You toVote YES on Prop. 79

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