October 13, 2000


La elecion picking up... Parece que los Democrats are not taking us in cuentea! Three weeks before elections their CAM...PAINS are nowhere to be seen in the barrios...


La Alcaldesa has a different kind of pain. She and city now getting sued for giving themselves a generous pension increase -Y— they reduced the age of retirement from 60 to 55. Dan Beeman, former candidate for city council, dice: "this is a `MORDIDA' that they are giving themselves." Mayor and friends fear the Padres might not give them all jobs when they term out??? Beeman seeking to replace Bruce as the main man in suing the city? Orale, where is the City Attorney on this rip off? Is he too busy seeking ways to give our dinero to the PADRES & CHARGERS?


Another one `bites the dust". La Frontera, a small community tabloid, based in Chula Vista, has said `Adios'... Though fronted as a Mexican newspaper, it really belonged to the Penny Saver Company. "El Sol" por mientras is fighting with the National Hispanic Association of Publishers (NAHP), who previously has awarded her mucho Rewards for `outstanding this and outstanding that.' Julia Rocha was also a Vpres and Regional Director. She is also lambasting Kirk Whistler owner of The Latino Print Media, an advertising agency based in Carlsbad. She is ticked off over "La Mordida" they were getting back from the Gringo advertisers... Oh, antes que se me olvide, Julia Rocha is no longer a Vice President or a member! Another Mexican media missing in action is AHORA NOW, based in San Ysidro. Locals say it hasn't been seen for over a year!


Well that leaves La Prensa San Diego, which celebrates 25 years of publishing Dec. 2000; El Latino an entertainment tabloid, and Estados Unidos, based in Escondido.


También celebrando 25 years of existence in San Diego el Padrecito Rev. Richard Brown completed 25 years service to the Mexican community at Our Lady of Guada-lupe Church located in el Barrio de Logan Heights. Coincidently Father Brown celebrated Mass at the 25th Wedding Anniversary of Tomas & Patricia Serrano Lujan this past Saturday. He married them 25 years ago!


Some politicos will do anything to not talk to el Jefito... But breaking a leg is just too much Señor Griego! Bueno, we shall keep a day open for you up to the 2nd of Nov. Office hours scheduled with Lorenzo Provencio, and lunch with Supt. Brand. Augie Bareño trying very hard to get people together this election season. Ron Morrison National City and Al Alvarado talking up the council races with El Jefe. Luis Figueroa, up for re-election in Sydro School Board talked up his race for re-election at "Bobs" on J Street. Un pajarito let L/P know that Herman Baca trying to debate Supt. Brand on the school Bond issue. So far no meeting date set. PROP 38 folks asking El Jefito to speak on the YES on PROP 38 Voucher campaign. Materials on the issue appearing in La Prensa being highlighted on PROP 38 campaign.


Para la gente que habla español: Si tiene familiares en el destructor USS Cole (DDG67) puede comunicarse con la U.S. Navy para recibir informacion acerca de sus familiares y la condición del barco. Llame al 1-800-366-3203. La llamada es gratis. Por la presente sabemos que 4 marineros murieron, 36 están heridos, 5 de ellos seriamente, y 10 marineros se encuentran perdidos.

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