October 13, 2000


San Diego Mayoralty Candidates A Race Between Twiddle-Dee & Twiddle-Dum

What once started out as a political event of some circumstance has been reduced to a tedious replay of the "Golden" era of mismanagement, unethical conduct, and of political incompetence in the management of the city's business.

It is now quite clear that candidate Supervisor Ron Roberts may have left the `barrio' of Linda Vista physically but in truth it appears that he hasn't been able to intellectually shake the habits and forces that were acculturated in him. The unethical conduct by Supervisor Roberts with the rich and mighty of the business & corporate world, the developers, builders, and professional sports titans has exposed Supervisor Roberts of being cut of the same cloth as the current Mayor of San Diego.

It is unlikely, that the citizens of San Diego are desirous of another four years of insider negotiations that have drained the city coffers and brought the city to near bankruptcy. Meanwhile, the Rich & MIGHTY have enriched themselves further. The pockets of sport franchise owners, entertainment moguls, and corporate stake holders are bulging while the city suffers.

Citizens have been forced to suffer gridlock, the turning of former pristine bays and beaches into sewage sumps for the hundreds of inoperative sewage pipes, and suffered rampant over-development. Our elected officials have given away city property and income to entice businesses. This in turn has brought us the highest rents and prices in the state for homes. While the citizens suffered, the elected officials ignored that they were elected to represent the PUBLIC and not the SPECIAL INTERESTS.

Unfortunately, Candidate Ron Roberts contribution lists make it abundantly clear that he, even prior to election, is bought and paid for by the same "vested interests' that have been calling the shots in San Diego for the past eight years. We don't need another "made" Mayor of San Diego. The citizens need a mayor who will be accountable to them and serve in the PUBLIC interests of the city and not of their "benefactor friends."

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